Will USC Learn From Mistakes?

Did you notice Fresno State brought pressure up the middle against USC, including the play where JT Daniels got hurt?

It was a smart move because Daniels isn’t mobile enough to escape pressure by going outside. The question now is whether Kedon Slovis is fast enough?

You can bet Stanford will try to replicate the inside pressure early to see if USC has fixed that problem.

I’m sure Genius Graham Harrell is a little frustrated because his game plan will now have to be running plays (which he is not a big fan of) and quick passes to the running backs and slot receivers.

21 thoughts on “Will USC Learn From Mistakes?

  1. Slovis’s 40 time is about the same as Daniels.

    The speedster among the QBs was Sears (about a 4.6 40).

    3 very good RBs. Really hoping that Stepp gets some carries.

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    1. 67 —As much as I’m a fan of J. T. (and wish him the best), I think Slovis will move around marginally better when plays start to break down —not because he’s faster or more athletic than J. T. —just because he has a more spontaneous approach to football. J. T. is a disciplined pocket passer [and his style of play would work so much better with a more physical, disciplined o-line].

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  2. A few observations. Everybody needs to watch Graham Harrell’s post Tuesday practice interview —he’s not the same happy go lucky guy we saw all fall practice. He starts out obviously nervous and, while he’s answering all the questions well (and way more honestly than Helton —which isn’t hard to do), there is clearly some tension operating behind the scenes. If you listen carefully it’s obvious he wants to rotate more receivers into the game —and I think he wants to get Stepp in there too.
    Is the war of wills with Mr. Control Freak starting to wear on him? If it is, I hope he realizes he holds all the cards. He doesn’t need Helton to stay in football. Helton needs him. He has a skill set, Helton doesn’t (well, not in football —but he’d probably make a great San Francisco Supervisor). Lastly, Slovis gave a bit of the game plan away when he said “after a successful run, you want to go long while they’re still on their heels”……

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    1. Yeah, Mike but even if he knows he’s more skilled than Helton ain’t smart to push it too much. I like our chances this Saturday and if we lose even more – another nail in the clown’s coffin. Slovis will be an upgrade and that’s not taking anything from Daniels – he worked hard and look good that 1st half. No running game is the problem – that’s what all the opponents know….key on the receivers.

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      1. Alv —I hope our receivers know that Stanford (1) actually coaches their d-backs to interfere, that (2) they’ll be roughed up on every single pass play and that (3) the Pac 12 refs won’t call 10% of the crap going on.
        No one’s bitched about it yet on this site —but Fresno was holding on almost every one of those zone reads where Reyna decided to take off. Not one of those VERY obvious, jersey- pulling holds was called.
        P. S.
        If Shaw doesn’t tell us who’s playing QB today he’s a big prick and I hope we teach whoever plays QB a nice lesson.

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    2. i don’t know, Mike … i asked ‘what is this bullshit?’ a couple of weeks ago: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iJJyMY-tA4M You know, … when trojan football coaches appear to have joined the cult that admonishes them to be vague, terse, to shrug, blame ‘youth,’ say they don’t know anything about what happened last season, and appear and have that ‘please, kill me’ look in their eyes.

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      1. Michael — Yeah, something’s causing Harrell the formerly eloquent Harrell to stammer & stutter every time somebody puts a microphone in his face. And it must be something truly demonic. It seems like he wants to just bust out with “Stop expecting honest answers—I have to watch what I say and feel and think—cuz I’m working for an incompetent psycho!” ….??

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  3. Mike to quote the great late John McKay “…there’s holding on every play.” As to Shaw withholding his starter – why not hold it back? This isn’t ‘war’ but it’s pretty close – there’s never been any love loss btwn. University Park and Palo Alto. Stanford’s vow boys’ (1933- 1935). That nutter John Ralston, an admitted Scientologist, and the fun he had with McKay esp. 1970-71….then the payback…..72 and on. Carroll and Harbaugh….it’s why Hwelton has to go….he has no real understanding of what rivals are.

    Shaw’s right to say nothing and even if it’s Costello he’s in no shape based on that nasty forearm by that ‘Wildcat’ player.

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    1. Maybe you’re right, Alv —-but I still hate it when guys who play the role of “gentleman coaches” say THEY DON’T KNOW THE STATUS of someone they know for a fact is either in or out. It brings an element of subterfuge into the contest. I’d prefer it if—at the very least— they just said “we don’t have to tell you”—rather than lie. It’s called sportsmanship
      But, you’re correct: even if Costello plays, he ain’t gonna be at his best —and w/o his All American left tackle things could get a little hairy for him.


      1. Well, he’s (Shaw) a lot more charming and objective than Harbaugh ever was or will be. I still don’t see your being upset. See what happens this Saturday. Man PMS had Brady Quinn on today and they were discussing the skill set of Darnhold. The NYJ coaches were amazed at his lack of coaching, that he did all on pure talent. It’s also the reason Darnold left – to finally go someplace, even the lowly NYJ and see if someone else could show him something.

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      2. Alv —Ain’t it amazing that Clay and his little brother were QB coaches and don’t know the first thing about QB’s [btw, have you ever seen Clay throw the ball? Pete Carroll has a prettier throw and he’s 70]…..


  4. SCooter,

    Which mistake(s) are you talking about? Is it the one where Buffoon lets Sears walk, is it the double 07 on the first play, is it buffoon calling for a 4th down play where punting would be ok, is it where he does not know how to call timeouts? Which ones are you talking about?


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