Clay Helton On His Future

Clay Helton was asked tonight what beating UCLA and winning 5 of the last 6 games would mean for his future.

“I’ve watched this team improve,” he said. “I’m proud of our coaches for the way they’ve developed young people and to watch them play. What the future holds, that’s for smarter men than me.

“My job is to go out there, compete like hell against UCLA, try to get the Victory Bell back on campus and worry about the moment and the moment is, the focus is UCLA.”

17 thoughts on “Clay Helton On His Future

    1. Clay Helton is here Y’all and he ain’t goin nowhere! Former Rose Bowl winner, former pac-12 coach of the year! Better record then Carroll’s first 4 seasons!

      #keepClayHelton #Claydoesn’tCheatunlikeCarroll


      1. Oops, #1fan.

        PC first 4: W42 L9, (and 2 nattys)
        CCH first 4 W33 L17–not including his stint as “interim coach”


      2. Burbon, Pete Carroll’s 2 14 wins were vacated as forfeit losses… The national champions you speak of forfeited! In my book forfeit is worse than losses!
        Helton runs a clean program and wins! Hands down better then Carroll! Carroll is the one that ushered in the sanctions and brought us Kiiffin and Sarkisian!
        You @ssholes don’t give a s Shite about honor, integrity and common decency. This is the very reason we’ve been the vitriol of the NCAA until the decent man, Clay Helton took the helm!

        #longliveClay #FightOntoDecency #dotheRightThing

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    2. The question you have to ask yourself is? Do you want to be an elite team again? Mr. Helton is not going to take you to the promised land. He’s a very likeable individual but it’s not the sharpest coach in the world. Whatever Talent he gets they don’t develop. Replace Helton at the end of the season. When is USC going to wake up and be an elite football program again. There should be no debate. He did his best but it’s not good enough. Quit debating about it have some balls and make the move. Start a search and find someone who can recruit so the Ducks of Oregon don’t take all the good players. Let’s go and let’s move and be decisive!
      Game, set, match!

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      1. Dennis Heffernan, what the hell are you talking about?? “Talent doesn’t get developed”??!! Losing QB Sam Darnold who was a 2 star turns into a top top draft pick. 2 star QB Kidon Slovis turns into one of the best freshman QB in the nation! on and on the success stories continue. Kids graduate and more and more Trojans enter the NFL then ever! You turn on the TV on Sundays and former Trojans are everywhere!



  1. “For smarter men than (him)”

    First of all he is not PC…which some will now say he is sexist.

    Second, if it is up to men smarter than him….that leaves it up to pretty much any man.

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  2. “What the future holds for Helton” is several millions of $$, whether he is fired, or not.

    The guy that engineered Helton’s buyout is not smarter than Helton.

    Neither are the people who hired they guy who engineered Helton’s buyout.

    Bohn seems like a smart fella.


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  3. USC is a mediocre team in a very average conference. Would Alabama, Clemson, Ohio State, LSU, or Oklahoma tolerate a mediocre football program that is not only underachieving, there’s very little evidence the direction of the program will change any time soon? USC Football is a blueblood CFB program with potential to garner $100 million just as these programs do. Consequently, mediocrity is more costly than just wins and losses. It’s moronic to believe Folt and Bohn will watch this program languish for another year at the risk of losing more money.

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    1. “Would Alabama, Clemson, Ohio State, LSU, or Oklahoma tolerate a mediocre football program that is not only underachieving, there’s very little evidence the direction of the program will change any time soon?”

      Look to the past. All of those programs have experienced periods–sometimes lengthy–of mediocrity, just as USC has, even though they are considered bluebloods of college football. But they have seen–or at least experienced–the light. And they understand that any amount of mediocrity in today’s climate cannot equate to success.

      USC Football is one of the most successful brands in college football, and that brand is severely tarnished. It’s time to burnish that brand and wipe away all the impurities–you know who they are–and bring back the shining Cardinal and Gold.

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  4. I don’t feel bad for Clay Helton, because he refused to surround himself with the type of coaches, that would take the team to another level. And I doubt if we’ll ever see Helton coach again after he leaves USC , because he’s not very good at it, and won’t be in demand. So he and his family can take that $20 million, and disappear into the sunset.

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    1. USC Fan Boy, I don’t feel bad for Helton either. He surrounded himself with the likes of Calloway, Baxter, Tee Martin, Clancy, Opie, and his kid brother.

      His daddy, Kim Helton compiled a jaw-dropping record of 24-53-1 at the University if Houston, only to be canned in 1999, never to be a head coach again. Gomer has been following in his daddy’s path and will continue to follow in his daddy’s footprints never to be a head coach again.


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