Time To Vote In Clay Helton Poll


27 thoughts on “Time To Vote In Clay Helton Poll

    1. That’s exactly why I rooted for Oregon to beat USC a few weeks ago at the Coliseum. To put the final nail in Helton’s coffin. And give me the freedom to root for the Trojans to beat UCLA, without having to worry that it would save his job!


      1. Oh, yes! A real Trojan fan roots for the total well being of the program. Helton should have been fired after last year, but he wasn’t. Those actions, along with the 10th rated recruiting class in the Pac-12, and another four loss season, have forced me to act in the best interest of USC’s football program. You damn right I rooted for the final nail in his coffin. I didn’t create this mess. And I’ll be damned if you’re going to make me put up with another year of Clay Helton as the football coach at USC.


  1. Hey you lazy journalist why dont you write a pros and cons column right before the poll? We all know you have time in that basement you call an office. There’s all kinds of fluff articles and national comments about why USC should keep the clueless one! Get the info out on both sides. Do your job as THE Blogger on this site

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      1. gt —We’re in a tricky situation here. But I think I’ve come up with a solution. When I was 3 or 4 years old, the Beany and Cecil puppet show aired on local television. In it’s most memorable (??) episode, Cecil the Seasick Sea Serpent put on armor to protect Little Beany and, unwittingly, became indistinguishable from Dishonest John’s armored Evil Cecil Robot. Beany could only tell the difference between the two by putting his hand on their armor and siding with the one who had the warm heart. I’ll be the Sea Serpent who writes with the warm heart, the other Michael Guarino will be the Evil Robot.
        P. S.
        gt —the very worst thing that could have happened to USC was for the UCLA players to humiliate themselves (and their coach) LAST Saturday. They are now going to play outta their fricking minds THIS Saturday. In a game like this, Special Teams could be the difference…..

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      2. Arturo — I hope there’s a little room left up there on that mountain for a dignified Sea Serpent sculpture…..
        Whatever is going on here on this crazy/ wonderful blog, we old buddies need to stick together…..

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  2. After blowout losses to Alabama, Ohio St., Notre Dame, and Oregon, actually even before that, I was through with CH. Somehow, recruiting has not really fallen- not even last year (if you factor in Bru and Steele into a 19th ranked class, it breaks the top ten) it didn’t. The exclamation point was seeing the Coli half empty and all that potential revenue down the toilet. Contrast that with what Carroll did and what someone like Meyer might do and you have your answer.
    Never root against USC football.


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    1. I guess w’re all going to have to get used to the echo chamber until Scott prints instructions on how to conquer the clever (but evil) Cecil Robot….


  3. 3/4 of Dummies actually WANT to lose to UCLA. wow. what a dark mental state the Dummies are in!! don’t worry, no matter how BAD it gets, the CADRE will be here to SCATTER the PIECES!!!


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      1. HAH! i almost forgot about the dating site ad that appeared on wolfman’s site back in the day: it was a dating site for men who preferred chubby gals!! i can’t remember the name now but i think it was Preferred Plus?? the Cadre allegedly hired them for our parties, but i can confirm we used to bus in strippers staight from Vegas.


  4. the only win that matters for SC is… ‘SC hires new football head coach’ …anything else is another loss for the future of the schools programs…so get off your self righteous ass and want what is best for the schools future.


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