USC Morning Buzz: Did Clay Helton Find New Way To Suck Up?

I already mentioned Clay Helton gave game balls to USC president Carol Folt and athletic director Mike Bohn after the UCLA game (but not Kedon Slovis).

Last night, Helton resurrected a discontinued award at the football banquet: The Jack Oakie “Rise and Shine” Award.

It was discontinued in 2017 and usually went to the player with the longest run from scrimmage during the season.

But last night, the award’s definition changed to “player who best embodies the Fight On spirit” and awarded to Matt Fink.

An award dedicated to Fighting On? I couldn’t help but think this was some kind of nod to Bohn, who has talked since Day 1 about “Fight On to victory.”

Maybe I’m seeing too much but would anyone say Helton wouldn’t do something this obsequious?

23 thoughts on “USC Morning Buzz: Did Clay Helton Find New Way To Suck Up?

  1. Nobody’s falling for Clay Helton’s suck up, if they decide to keep him, it won’t be because of that. I can’t imagine Mike Bohn putting his reputation on the line with an unqualified coach, who’s losing 90% of his offense next season. Arizona State, and Oregon are on the rise , which put Helton behind the curve once again.

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    1. Bullseye – if the AD and whomever esle believes keeping him past next week is smart – signing starts 17th Dec. I think….now you’ve agreed to keep him and somehow the product this clown produces is going to suddenly be ready for AL in Arlington-TX next Sept.? Pittman is gone St. John with him? Line strength continues to weaken – no holes for running game.

      If the admin were foolish enoug to keep this ass it wopuld be with a mandatory sacking of both Prendergast and Baxter yeah you got it – Helton is now Ray Malavasi.

      I believe Helton is gone by end of next week.

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      1. I admit that what I’m about to say is replete with BIG “ifs” —but — IF everybody manages to stay healthy next year (meaning a first rate conditioning program is put into place and a new strength and conditioning coach along with it) and IF we not only sack Clancy and Baxter but also replace them with first rate talent —we’d save a ton of money, wind up with a top 15 recruiting class, win the Pac 12….and lose to Alabama.

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  2. Jack Oakie studied acting at SC and later went on to become an actor. One of his friends knew my dad, so I know just a bit about this.

    Oakie endowed a gift for “best comedic actor” at SC (no, this year’s award did not go to Helton..).

    His wife (who now almost certainly has passed) endowed the football gift in the early 1980s or so.

    The award for longest run from LOS was because Jack starred in a football picture in which he played an RB and broke off a big run.

    The terms of a gift can’t be changed without the donor’s permission. Maybe this happened, but who knows. In any case, the tradition of giving it to the longest run should be continued.

    What we still have at SC is incredible tradition.

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    1. Breaking News: This morning the family of Jack Oakie announced they were taking Helton to court over the unauthorized use of Jack’s name. Representatives of the family said they were joined in the lawsuit by lawyers for Urban Meyer. Although the complaint hasn’t been made public yet it is reported that the relief sought involved Helton being encased in the northwest wall of City Hall East….”to protect the game of football.”

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      1. Oh, yeah, 67! Thanks! I forgot! Carol Folt has filed an amicus brief for the “purpose of sparing the lives of coaches who aren’t presently known to have indulged in banned substances or slept around.”

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      2. Ha! [I’ve been looking for a “sign” to begin my novel, factor13 —- your encouragement means so much]!


  3. There is a picture in today’s San Bernardino Sun, of Helton meeting Kelly after the game. I’d love to have caption comtest. Mine would be: ” I’ll save yours next year again. “

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    1. Rialto —Watch the tape of that mid field conference. Kelly asks Helton a question (which can’t be heard). And Helton responds “tomorrow.” Wonder what the question was. And wonder what happened on Sunday.

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    1. Isaac has thrown his hat in the ring for Head Coach…..has been telling friends his whole program would revolve around burying Clancy Pendergast alive sometime before spring practice….

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  4. Actually he got his suck up education at USC the land of all that. Scott Wolf cashed in his USC degree by taking the path of being a human hemorrhoid

    These little gestures are worth 3.8 million per year for Clay Helton.


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