Monday Night With Clay Helton

Clay Helton said some whoppers on the “Trojans Live” radio show.

“I thought it was a really nice game plan Clancy put together,” he said regarding Clancy Pendergast’s defensive game vs. UCLA.

How many times did USC not cover UCLA receivers? The Bruins had 540 yards of total offense.

“Right now, I wouldn’t want to play us,” Helton said. “We’ve got a lot of confidence. We’re playing our best football now.”

Yeah, beating Colorado after Steven Montez gets knocked out; Arizona State without Jayden Daniels and Cal without Chase Garbers makes everyone fear facing Helton.

He wrapped with this one: “Tomorrow we’ll get busy for Oregon and prepare for the Pac-12 championship game.”

27 thoughts on “Monday Night With Clay Helton

  1. This is all looking really, really bad. The delusional Helton-speak, his weekly duties continuing on as if nothing has changed, and no official announcement of Helton being booted. This is all pointing towards Helton staying. Prove me wrong, USC.

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  2. Helton reminds me of Dory the fish from Finding Nemo. He’s twitterpated like Bambi. Cute like Rudolf the red nosed reindeer. He is beside himself with bovine fecal material he could grow a football field on his backside.
    Retaining Helton is so wrong the move will be met with immediate resistance. I have heard about everything from boycotting the bowl game to forgoing the entire season next year. If Helton begins prep for Oregon before actually having a game, the practice will be charged against the time allowed for the bowl game.

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    1. Okay douche bag this is a bye week. Got nothing to do with bowl prep. Get a fucking clue before you post your bullshit misinformation.


      1. After reading Nero’ post, perhaps it is you who need to “ Get a fucking clue before you post your bullshit misinformation.”


      2. Okay Brisbait I’d much rather be a dueche bag used for cleaning body parts you’ve never actually seen than a Mohel such as yourself. But here’s a tip for you. USC doesn’t actually have another (regular) game scheduled and technically has ended the regular season . Granted if you believe in magic of circumcision, you might believe that USC will appear in a playoff game, but per NCAA rules the team has 15 actual practice days between the end of the season and a bowl game. I will say it again- the season ended for USC last Saturday. If Helton chooses to hold actual practice, they will count towards the bowl game. Assuming Utah holds its own against the mighty Bufoonlows from Colorado USC can only practice for the time between last Saturday and the bowl game 15 times .
        Now the team is allowed strength and conditioning and there are prps that can happen, but to announce that you are holding practices at a school where your balls are weighed before every game for compliance, shows a complete lack of intelligence.
        As for having a fucking clue, I can honesty state that I have sired children and satisfied my female counterpart while actively engaged in coitus activity. I do believe that, and other carnal knowledge, qualifies as a fucking clue.
        Your reference of my ability to spread manure of misinformation, is quite accurate. I do indeed revel in my ability to mislead my intent with terms outside the common vernacular. Although I rarely engage in a battle of wits with a person who is armed only the language assigned to guttersnipes and persons of low account, I can and will defend myself against your unprepossesing and slanderous accusations.
        To which I can only say you are cordially invited to visit the place of eternal damnation where it can be assumed you will spend your time spilling seed.


      3. RT – Unfortunately you are incorrect. Since it is a bye week, you can conduct practice as you normally would on any other in-season week.

        Additionally, the NCAA changed their rules back in 2016, and there is no limit on the number of bowl practices you can have, as long as you stay within the NCAA allowed CARA hours each week while school is in session. Therefore, while school is still in, and until finals are over, you can require practice, meetings or any other mandatory team functions up to 20 hours a week. Once finals are over, you do not have an hourly limit until school is back in session, so long as you are bowl eligible.

        Theoretically, teams that are bowl eligible, and end their season before the championship games, can practice as much as they’d like prior to a bowl game being determined. If a bowl eligible team is not chosen for a bowl game, they then would have to cease practicing.

        In summary, RT, you really don’t have a clue, you just rant and rave about things you ‘hear’ or think are correct. Taking a lead from your boy Scottie….


      4. Dear double douche bag from Rialto (yeah, Rialto – LOL)

        NCAA rules allow bowl teams to practice or hold other athletic activities up to four hours per day or 20 hours per week between the end of the regular season and a bowl game. While coaches often refer to the “15 extra practices” that come with a bowl invitation, there is no specific limit to the number of practices a team can hold during bowl preparation.

        And you said:
        “Your reference of my ability to spread manure of misinformation, is quite accurate. I do indeed revel in my ability to mislead my intent with terms outside the common vernacular. Although I rarely engage in a battle of wits with a person who is armed only the language assigned to guttersnipes and persons of low account, I can and will defend myself against your unprepossesing and slanderous accusations.”

        Suck it you idiot.


  3. I couldn’t believe claydough could be so delusional so I had to re-check that he actually said those things…And he did…

    CP had a good defensive game plan????

    Claydough should be fired for even thinking that, never mind actually saying it…

    Yes the offense is playing well… against 2nd tier crappy Pac 12 teams.. wake me when the opponent is Ohio State / Auburn / Penn State / the Domers / UGA / bama / Clemson… hell even OU or The Gophers / Baylor …

    I mean we’ve fallen so far we can’t even see the bottom of the outside of the barrel…

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    1. Nero,
      A close friend, who is a 40 year C&G member and his Son a legacy Trojan were at the game, I spoke with him Monday, he told me the defense for whole game looked like the “Keystone Kops”

      Kevin Bruce over at Garrys blog dissected CP’s defense, his take, it was bad…non existent.

      Helton’s appearance and off the wall statements, IS NOT REALITY, he’s off in some dream world of his own. He knows he is done !

      I also watched the segment.

      Okay Bones, it’s time you earn your pay…make the hard decisions.

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  4. Whoa, Helton is going to get ready for the Pac-12 playoff.

    Does he honestly believe Utah, at home on 11/30, will lose to Colorado?

    Utah choked in one game this season; they won’t do it a second time.

    If both O and U win Sat., the Pac–12 playoff game will be a superior event..

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      1. Not quite but as superior as BYU kicking Clown U ass and them reading the Rah-Rah/Pimps whiny 1000 excuses for the SUCCX loss.

        MG, I think it’s fair to say a Utah/Oregon game is way superior to any game featuring SUCCX FB vs a cream puff like UCLA; who btw hung 35 pts on the bozo D.


      2. My Dear Friend Owns — I’m getting to know you so well! There wasn’t one word in your reply that I didn’t know was coming…


      3. From an entertainment perspective, SC – Oregon would be much more interesting than Oregon – Utah.

        But that won’t happen.


      1. Winter storm warning in Utah with about a foot of snow in SLC. High of 32 degrees on Saturday. Utah’s running game and stout defense will handle CU easily.

        Any Pac-12 fan should cheer for the Utes to run the table and sneak into the CFB playoff. This means we have to root for LSU to run the table, with Georgia having two losses, Bama having one loss (or two if they lose to Auburn), and Utah doing the leapfrog. Unfortunately, that sends Ore to the RB and USC to the Alamo (which is better than the Holiday, no?)


    1. i would argue that Michael PIttman beat Utah all by himself, or mostly by himself with help from Amon Ra. 2 USC studs just beat Utah. They would never be able to do it again, because Utah would prepare for them, but they were able to do it that one time.

      Clay and the coaches didnt win that game, PIttman did.

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    1. The Ravens look like THE team this year —- but so many screwy things happen on the way to the Super Bowl…

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  5. This dude- Gomer Helton is a complete joke. Did he really say that Clancy thought up a great game plan vs Ucla? He should get fired for that alone. Never mind the lack of discipline, culture , attention to detail and deficiencies in pretty much everything related to an elite football program such as Ohio St, Clemson, LSU and Bama. If Gomer is retained, the game vs Alabama is going to get ugly fast. You have an elite no nonsense coach in Saban vs a guy who should be coaching a jr varsity somewhere in Helton. Do the right thing Bohn and turn the page. The guy is 13-11 in the last two seasons, is that what USC has become? This should never be acceptable.

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  6. If this administration keeps Helton they are as clueless as their head coach. Same results are going to happen. Hopefully Bohn and Folt will be shown the door in a year after another fiasco to the football program. Start all over again. Putting your job on the line for a used car salesman. Absolutely pathetic.
    Doesn’t sound like smart people to me. I don’t care what fucin degree they have.

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  7. Liars fabricate all the time…he is a shell like his fake football practices. I don’t see how any honorable administrator can even stand near him. But FRAUDS do like, enable, and support other FRAUDS…it makes them look good in comparison…all will know soon what this outfit stands for…I pray it is what the University was in the past. Currently it is an embarrassment.

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