USC Moves Up To No. 22 In CFP Rankings

USC is ranked No. 22 in tonight’s College Football Playoff rankings. And it won’t lose before the next poll comes out in seven days, so they should move up even more.

The Trojans are the highest-ranked four-loss team. I’m sure Clay Helton has a way to make all of this sound appealing to Mike Bohn.

As for me? It’s irrelevant.

30 thoughts on “USC Moves Up To No. 22 In CFP Rankings

  1. The new rallying cry? We’re number 22!
    I have been in NOLA since Saturday. Each evening news has had an interview with someone involved with LSU football. Last night they interviewed Ed Orgeron’s momma. She’s a feisty little lady who is extremely happy that her son is working at home. My impression is Ed is here to stay.

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      1. No reason except delusional Trojans on every board are clamoring to get him back. Now that he’s number two, according to the cabal running the rugged playoff system, he might be tempted.


  2. Mike Bohn is not an idiot!! If he truly has control of the Athletic Department, including but not limited to, the head football coaching position, he is waiting for the appropriate moment this weekend to fire Helton.

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    1. Yes, Mike Bohn IS a bright guy….. [and —guess what? —there’s always the chance he’s not as precipitous as we are]…..

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  3. Irrelevant? That just shows how unimaginative & small minded you are, Scott. I was talking to a Stanford Statistics Professor yesterday who explained that, at #22, USC has a 1 in 730 billion chance at making the playoffs…..if you multiply the “possibility of natural disaster” factor by 9.

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  4. It’s perfect. At no. 22, Bohn can gracefully let CH go and thank him for bringing stability to a football program that was badly floundering four years ago when he was appointed. After thanking CH, Bohn can introduce the new head coach, who will be responsible for returning Trojan Football to “elite” status where it belongs.

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    1. Yes, tt 22, Bohn could gracefully let CH go. However, tt, he would require your cashier’s check totaling CH’s salary for seasons 2020 – 2023 to really make it happen and everybody happy.

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  5. Remember those days when USC was included in the CFB championship conversation…I do. Under Helton this is never going to happen. Helton lacks The knowledge and the leadership required to make this happen and therefore Helton MUST GO!

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    1. I’m with you TFL. I think Helton must go to get SC to the next level. I think we can all agree that when Helton took the job, there was lots of instability in the program due to Sark’s drinking. He got the job because he was the only adult in the room. Part of me says they are going to keep him because of all the rumors last week (where there is smoke, there is fire and they leaked some of the rumors as a trial balloon to socialize the idea). The other part of me says they are going to fire him because if they were going to keep him, he would have gotten a vote of confidence instead of remaining silent to let Helton twist in the wind. I’m hoping we find out after the Saturday games.

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  6. The Lighter Side:

    Are you serious? Well, you possibly are, but one Poster got it right when recently stating the three most important things in his life: “SC football….sex….breathing.” Although probably not in that order….

    If Clay Helton aka Ton–o-Hel were asked his assessment of this season: “Well, it went pretty good, we were only 4 losses away from being in the National Championship hunt. But I’m not worried because Bohn aka Bone and I are pretty tight, but I thought buying hims a ring might be overdoing it.”….

    And what is Bone to make of all this?– He probably thinks that this Ton-o-Hel problem can get HIM fired. Back home in Cincinnati is looking better each day…

    With Super College Saturday coming up, where there are about 8 games with national significance, SC was not invited. Rumor has it that the television schedulers thought SC played comedy-football, and did not want their brand tainting the pure-football teams. Their reasoning was validated when SC started the game by running into sucla’s kicker, thereby hastening a sucla touchdown, and then when lining up for a field goal attempt, SC called timeout to Freeze THEIR own kicker. Momma mia!…

    President Carol Folt was volted with news of 9 SC students dying recently, and so she bolted into action by hiring extra health personnel and psychiatrists. Meanwhile, she treats SC football as if it were a red-headed step-sister. Man, she does not have her priorities in order…

    So give thanks tomorrow for still breathing and having a couple of friends, and also for not having been born a turkey.

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      1. James — I can’t fault Folt (there’s a phrase for ya) for showing concern over student well being. I mean, that’s what we want, yes? I can fault her if she doesn’t do everything in her power to get Urban Meyer. A LITTLE research on Meyer reveals that his so called “baggage” isn’t fairly attributable to him. Yes, there are other coaches out there —ones that have never and will never win a National Championship. How do you justify going after any of them when Meyer could be gotten. The huge advantage that comes with a Meyer hiring —besides the fact he knows what it takes to beat Saban — is that the players would automatically feel a degree of invulnerability that they will never experience with any other coach….

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      2. AND…AND…AND…what shape did he leave the Buckeyes in? Are they any good this year? How does that stack up to other comparable transitions?

        I can only quickly recall four programs, and none recently, having accomplished something similar – Oklahoma [Fairbanks to Switzer (Stoopes to Riley not there yet)], Miami [multiple times (Schnellenberger to Johnson to Ericson)], Nebraska (Devaney to Osborne), and, of course, McKay to Robinson. Freddy Akers had some great years at Texas but never got across the finish line. Alabama has went through a lot of downs between Bear, Stallings, and Saban.

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      1. Arturo, you sound like the Hispanic version of Helton with his Faith, Family, Football mantra (which he is has abandoned over the last month with the more religious Glory to God post game quips).

        I wish all of you a great Thanksgiving tomorrow and hope all of you make it through the weekend safe and sane. I have enjoyed reading your posts this year. And if the man upstairs hears my prayers at the Thanksgiving table, we will all be frantically checking the blog Sunday afternoon for news of Clay’s dismissal.

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      2. I’m with Arturo — God, familia, USC Football…


  7. My thought is that Bohn is not firing helton this year. he can lower the buyout clause by having helton serve one more year. That will give Bohn time to look for a coach that Folt will like. if I am wrong, then so be it.

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