Utah Being Utah Early

Is Utah going to be Utah-like and not accept it is much better than Colorado?

Of course they can’t make it look easy at the beginning of this game.

Colorado leads 7-0 in first quarter. USC to Pac-12 title game!

Utah wakes up and ties the game, 7-7, on Tyler Hunley’s TD pass.

Utah scores another TD and leads 14-7 and Mike Bohn is probably thinking, “It sure would be easier to bring Clay Helton back if Utah lost.”

HALFTIME: Utah 17, Colorado 7. The Utes have recovered but will they have a second-half letdown? They shouldn’t at home but they really could use a resounding victory for some style points.

FINAL: Utah pulls away and wins 45-15. USC does not win the Pac-12 South title.

18 thoughts on “Utah Being Utah Early

  1. FPI had Utah 95% probability of W.
    Ergo, I booked a table at Del Friscos for NOW with 3 non football friends joining me.

    Should I call in sick? Haven’t had an artery clogger in months.

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    1. Bourbon –Today is a day for lots of cheeseburgers and fries and fudge sundaes—-remember how in Woody Allen’s “Bananas” a doctor from the future proclaimed that they were found to be good for you? …

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  2. Ugh, so confused and conflicted!
    I want SC to play Oregon next Friday because we have solid chance to win and thus go to Rose Bowl.
    Therefore, should root for Colorado.
    But I want UM hired this week and I want to go to Alamo Bowl.

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    1. Please tell this to Pudly, Arturo —I tried to tell him that Whittingham always tells his team to think about NEXT week when they come out of the locker room to start the game but he didn’t believe me……

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      1. Arturo —I’m getting this sinking feeling that Scott will never get to grade Helton’s coaching again…… It’s tough to go out on an “F”….


  3. Montez has been a college QB so long you would think he would be better at it. If Colorado could make a tackle in the backfield or get on a loose ball they would have a shot here.


  4. Thankfully, Utah won BIG……no pressure on Holt and Bohn–no sympathy from me…I’m sure neither is living on minimum wage and both have contracts…If Helton returns? Then the Outhouse Bowl 2019 and the 2020 season season? Who cares…If Helton’s the coach next year? Adios…..


  5. UT dominant… UT 45 CO 15….30 pt +…. next OR.

    OK is out….they’ve lost 6 consecutive times either in the CFP or FBS.

    Opps almost forgot….Cal 14 bel-air tech 7


  6. So Alabama just lost a physical football game to their hated rival Auburn. Alabama’s record is now 10-2 and likely eliminated from playoff contention. Probably feels like absolute failure and disappointment around Tuscaloosa with many pissed off fans, coaches and administrators etc. I’m pretty sure Saban isn’t going to sit there and make excuses as to why they lost the game. USC final regular season record -8-4 and this should be acceptable? Will this get Gomer another year so that he can fail to reach even his own low standards of winning a PAC 12 South title? He has won 1 south title in 4 seasons with elite talent. Has the program standards and goals really sunk this low? Tired of hearing excuses about being one play short after every loss. Do the right thing and end the misery for us fans. Make the move and hire a coach that makes no excuses. Do it for the players that deserve so much more than the sorry coaching that they have endured under Helton.


    1. Couldn’t agree more…enough is enough…Helton has to go….This is USC, NOT___fill in the blank….I’m sure there’s a JC, High School, or Pee Wee FB team out there that Helton, Bax,and P-Gast can coach…


      1. Hopefully the misery of clueless Clay will be shown the door soon. He had a chance to fire Clancy and Baxter last year to improve the teams chances of winning this year. We don’t need him back to make those changes. It’s too late to change his fate. That ship has sailed along time ago!


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