USC Cannot Accept 8-4, Right?

Some USC officials were supposedly irritated today they had to deal with a report saying Clay Helton had been fired.

Well, guess what, many USC fans have been irritated for the past two seasons. I’ve been irritated for longer than that with the sloppiness that surrounds the program.

Texas coach Tom Herman said today in a statement, “7-5 will never be our standard at Texas.”

Does Helton say that about 8-4? No, he just talks about how great the season was to win five of the last six games.

Did you hear a bunch of players tweeting support for Helton today? That supports my reporting that the players don’t really respect Helton, doesn’t it?

29 thoughts on “USC Cannot Accept 8-4, Right?

  1. Get some sleep Wolf, we will know more tomorrow. Despite all the subterfuge today – he is fired, he is not fired – I got to believe if Bohn is his own man and not a BOT puppet and a total kiss ass to Folt, than he will do the right thing. I wrote him an email this week which stated among other things that if he does not can Helton, than he owns the Alabama game in 2020. If I were him starting a new job that he would hope would take him to end of his career, I can’t imagine no action on his part. My prediction, Helton is gone. Who he replaces him is any ones guess. Sleep tight Trojan fans!,

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    1. Even if they fired him and brought John McKay back from the dead, the Alabama game is not owned by anyone. A new coach changes nothing in the first year. You still have to bring in your own class etc. Keep emailing him though, I’m sure he’ll take your advice.

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      1. The AL game happens on Bohn watch, so yes he owns it in my opinion. He will get the calls if he stands pat and does nothing.


    2. IF Helton was going to be retained, then permitting the rumor mill to spiral out of control about him being fired, day after day, is just about the most unprofessional decision the athletic dept. could make.

      If Helton was going to be back next season, they would have shut all of this down by now with a clear statement of support.

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  2. Hate when SC loses, but when the team shows character and fights like heck like they did in South Bend and comes up a little short, it is acceptable. What isn’t acceptable is losing to inferior teams when the team has a chance to step on their throat (BYU) or, gives the other team toouch respect (Washington). What isn’t acceptable is getting blown out at home (Oregon) and getting blown out once a year.

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  3. They can’t fire Gomer because he is out recruiting. He can’t be fired if he’s not at Heritage Hall. He’s going to stay on the road until XMAS and avoid Bohn until then. Then he’ll be safe, because “Who gets fired during XMAS?” After the New Years he’ll go back on the road on the Recruiting trail until February. By then Bohn exasperated by not being able to fire Gomer in person, just maintains Helton for another season.

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    1. You’re being funny, Calabasas —but every word of every one of your predictions is plausible…..


  4. I can accept 8-4 if and only if it is the score of a baseball game with USC winning.
    Maybe if it describes the first two runs on the first possession.
    8 -5 is only okay for marching bands so Helton better win the bowl game.

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  5. Negative function Calabasas. USC’s mishandling of firing football head coaches is the stuff of legend! Who can forget Mike Garrett leaving a firing VM for John Robinson? Lane Kiffin on the tarmac after ASU? Even Paul “buddy” Hackett’s dismissal wasn’t clean! It’s the M.O. for what USC does with its highest profile sport’s coaching position at the university.

    But where there is smoke, there is fire. USC/Bohn not stepping up in a media frenzy, even on a Sunday, to absolutely refute the SI firing story strongly suggests Helton will be given the opportunity to resign or be fired, very soon (i.e. tomorrow). If Helton is out recruiting, the message will be given over the phone. If Helton doesn’t pick up, it will be via text message or… VM (can’t break with tradition).

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  6. Seriously? Bohn is out of town? Short of hiring a new head coach—not named Urban Meyer (you’d have to suffer the wrath of Plaschke, heaven forbid)—what in the hell is he doing? College football programs across the country were making changes Sunday. USC? Apparently, they are still pondering the situation?Maybe hoping Helton can upgrade their 76th rated recruiting class in the next few days…Good for them…unfortunately, this isn’t Boulder, Cincinnati, or Chapel Hill…Folt and Bohn better hope SC gets to play College of the Canyons or Butte CC in a Bowl Game…
    Keep Helton? Reduce the Coliseum seating capacity next year to accommodate a few students, parents, and fanboys…5-10,000 ought to do it….

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  7. An honorable man would have already stepped down. If he had any integrity he would have admitted by now he has failed over the last few years to develop these athletes into a team to compete where SC has always been in recruiting …the team to beat in Pac 12 and in the top10 caliber of teams. A gentleman always knows his place in the scale of things, never lies ,fabricates,manipulates or uses obfuscation,or forces others to take the blame for his own shortcomings…hellton does all these. He is not a real, true head coach. He just takes the money like all thieves and frauds. He will continue to do so until some one man enough stops him.

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  8. And further, Bohn is turning out to be a gutless wonder. He is leaving everyone
    with an interest in Trojan football hanging. This is an unbelievable situation.
    Step up Bohn er.

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  9. Well it would seem that if Clay is the man it would have already been said. If we wait much longer we are going to be way behind everyone else in Asst hires as a lot of programs are already on the move. We still fail as a program in the simple things. If bohn is waiting to fire until he has Meyer on the hook thats one thing if he doesnt, god help us with this delay on announcing anything

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