Ex-USC Tailback Manfred Moore Dies

Former USC tailback Manfred Moore has died, according to former teammates. He was 69. Moore attended San Fernando High School.

Moore also spent four seasons in the NFL. He played at USC from 1971-73 and gained 559 yards with three touchdowns.

But the part you might not know is Moore is the person to score a first grade rugby league try in Australia and an NFL touchdown. Moore played a season for the Newtown Jets in New South Wales Rugby Football League premiership.

Below are pictures:


20 thoughts on “Ex-USC Tailback Manfred Moore Dies

  1. There was so much RB talent on those early 70’s teams. Anyone remember Rod McNeil? He played behind AD, he was bigger and probably faster, and may have averaged even more yards per carry. Plus Cunningham at FB.

    Those teams were stacked.

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      1. Great call, COtrojan – Carter may have been the fastest of all the RBs on those teams. On another team, he could have been an All-American.

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    1. Rod McNeil had Heisman Trophy talent, but a broken hip was the only thing that stopped him from being one of USC’s greatest running back. That injury allowed AD to take his spot and the rest is history.


  2. Manfred Moore was a ninth round selection in 1974 by the San Francisco 49ers where he was named their special teams player of the year in 1974 and 1975…no worries, Manfred, they’re leaning on the Vikings today, bud! Go Niners!


  3. I would tease AD by saying that Manfred was going to take his job and AD would comeback with: He had better get his s….together. Spoke to Rod a few months ago and he told me that Manfred was in a facility. He would visit him. I saw Manfred when he was cut the first time and he said to me this: I am so glad I received my degree otherwise I would have been more depressed.” Those of you who knew him know what a nice guy he was. Very gentle and soft spoken. He had character.I am sorry to hear this.

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  4. We met Manny through the good offices of Ed Tannenbaum who owned apartments where many of the players lived. He had completed his playing days and started a successful career in banking. We enjoyed his company at many of the now lamented USC-ND lunches in LA. He could not have been nicer and more fun, obviously proud of his athletic prowess and his business ability. So sorry to hear of his passing.

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    1. Nice to hear from you Jason—I will always remember the tape of the masked man early in the locked down 49th fl!


  5. We were friends with Manny and Ann in college. For several years we played baseball every Tuesday in the summer. That’s when we learned firsthand what a great athlete looks like. Manny played Santa at a Christmas party when Jason was 3. He was the nicest and more sincere person. He didn’t ever know how special he was. RIP Manny


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