USC Shuffling Coaching Staff

Clay Helton wants to move linebackers coach Johnny Nansen to special teams. Nansen was USC special teams coach in 2014-15 before John Baxter got hired.

This would also allow a new defensive coordinator to hire his own linebackers coach.

Also, John David Baker has been promoted to inside receivers/tight ends coach. There was a chance Baker was going to coach quarterbacks but it was decided to move him inside receivers.

16 thoughts on “USC Shuffling Coaching Staff

  1. Called this the other day. I can’t wait for them to move Harrell to head coordinator in charge of everything. Then the inside linebacker coach and the inside tight ends coach can report to Harrell and only Harrell reports to Helton. It’s too bad nobody is available (or willing) to fill the open spots.

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  2. Nansen may also have been the RB coach at that time.

    He can’t be worse than John “Gardening Hat” Baxter.


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    1. As Baxter himself explained –“I don’t count numbers —I don’t even know the players by numbers —I know them as people.”

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      1. gt –even with all the Iowa holding going on, it’s still pretty sickening to see that lane open up the way it did….

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      2. GT22, notice the over pursuit, the missed tackles, and about 4 potential tacklers just flat taken out of the play.

        #SoLongBaxter,Don’t ForgetYourHat

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    2. 67 —Do you think it’s funny that we all keep using the same phrase to describe what’s going on in the coaching search –“the new guys can’t be worse than the old guys” ????

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  3. Wolfie, please clarify the “wants to move”….
    Is this up to Coach Bohn to finalize or does AD Folt also have to agree?
    Another episode of “As The Stomach Turns”… Can’t wait to see what will happen next.


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