Brian Kennedy’s Comments Were A Long Time Coming

Another quick story regarding Brian Kennedy, the booster in the news who called the USC football program “dogshit” on Saturday night.

There used to be a scoreboard at Howard Jones Field that Kennedy donated and bore his name. But when Pat Haden — who had a falling out with Kennedy — was athletic director the scoreboard was mysteriously torn down and replaced with a smaller, inferior version that did not bear Kennedy’s name.

It’s probably the first time USC’s ever gone smaller on something.

The rank-and-file athletic dept. employees did not have a problem with Kennedy. This was a several-year war waged by Haden and Lynn Swann that never made sense.

  • Former USC defensive back Cary Harris has replaced Chris Claiborne as Calabasas High School football coach. Harris was at Glendale this past season.
  • The Houston Astros were stripped of four draft picks today by MLB. The previous record was three when the Angels were punished for tampering with former USC pitcher Bill Bordley.

14 thoughts on “Brian Kennedy’s Comments Were A Long Time Coming

    1. Good find Mike – the most reality today is the article in today’s LA Times – California section – Lori Laughlin’s defense team tying the check she gave Singer that was made out to USC. No one is sure how far her legal team will get because it not only affects USC but every private university in the nation – but once again, sadly, the focus is till on USC and how messed up it continues to be

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  1. Taking away draft picks and suspending the GM and Manager are not enough. Alex Cora should be banished from MLB just like Shoeless Joe Jackson and the 2 world championships won by Cora using his cheating scheme as Astros bench coach in 2017 and as Red Sox manager in 2018 should be taken away and awarded to the Los Angeles Dodgers.

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    1. Couldn’t have said it better. The message is clear ( Belichick and the Pats would concur): Cheating is worth the risk. MLB, or any major organization, would only do it to a West coast team.


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      1. This cheating scheme directly affected the careers and lives of pitchers like Clayton Kershaw and Hu Darvish. They can never have those moments back when they threw off speed pitches and, thanks to Alex Cora, the Astros and Red Sox hitters knew what was coming. Kershaw in particular has been branded a playoff choker and now we find out it was all fixed. It makes the NCAA’s case against USC football look petty and minor.

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  2. Haden, after spending so many years fellating Neuter Dumb from the broadcast booth, with a male booth partner that wore lipstick, became jaded and confused. His taking the USC AD position seemed ok at the time, but he never stood up for the university nor its student athletes. Instead, he charted a course full of idiot speak, complacency, inaction, snobbery, bad hires along with confusing and moronic decisions. His feud with a major donor is understandable given the character [or lack thereof] of his tenure. His legacy will be the absolute destruction of what once was USC Football. It’s on his doorstep, absolutely pathetic and tragic for all Trojans. The AD hand-off to the ‘golfer,’ continued the lunacy.

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