Mike Bohn Fired Some People; Now Get To Work!

Now that Mike Bohn fired Steve Lopes, Ron Orr and Scott Jacobson, will Bohn be able act like an athletic director?

This excuse about “he’s only been on the job a couple months” or “he needs to get through this crisis” makes you wonder if Bohn ever thought about the job before he took it?

As soon as he applied, he should have been watching football games, evaluating Clay Helton and compiling a list of candidates. That way he would be able to get some things done on Day 1.

If you want to say he was hamstrung by Carol Folt, then he should have made it clear in his interview he wanted to control what happened.

Otherwise, it looks like he is just collecting a paycheck for a year and doing nothing.

It’s nice work if you can get it but USC needs an athletic director. It has a men’s basketball program under NCAA investigation and a women’s basketball program that is 0-5 in the Pac-12. It needs a strong leader not an excuse maker.

36 thoughts on “Mike Bohn Fired Some People; Now Get To Work!

  1. What do you want? He’s been to basketball games (boring). He’s been to football games. He’s made a hard coaching decision keeping the cheek kisser Helton. He’s doing his job. (Maybe not in a manner which reflects professional behavior) Wait til next year right?

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      1. Ok – yeah it’s easy being an ‘athletic director’ at a major university that just approved a new president 3+ mos. prior to your hire. I understand ‘men act like men’ but in 2019/2020 the stage has changed and what USC needs right now is someone who has already been ‘shivved’ in the back re. hiring a new head football coach and has also flet the full fury of wealthy and influential alumni that bluntly have told you and all the rest = clean it up or watch what happens.

        This could very well be the piece of straw that finally breaks (Folt’s control) camel’s back esp. if Haden is forced to Boston and bluntly\, under oath, states how clueless he was as ‘AD’.

        Funny how nearly 50 years ago St. John The Divine (peckerwood) never had any blowback for his and his ‘massah’ (Sam Gilbert) and the real house hand JD Morgan has greased the press local and national until; ‘jonnie’ retired.

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  2. “Otherwise, it looks like Bohn is just collecting a paycheck for a year and doing nothing.”

    More often than not, USC is better off if the AD does nothing, than if they actually do something. (Recall Haden and Swann…)


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    1. Jake, actually, you are pretty far up the food chain. After all, there is owns, who set an all time record low earlier today with his post about Tyndall.


  3. One way or another Urban Meyer will end up coaching in LA. Lets not forget that Chip Kelly could be fired next year if they start the season poorly. By all accounts Urban wanted to go to USC. If they exclude him because they are too uninformed on what he actually has and hasn’t done as a coach then I wouldn’t be surprised to see Urban go to UCLA instead. Then USC will have a second lost decade… this time though they will be getting blown out in LA.

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    1. They are WAY too PC in Westwood to allow him to recruit the type of players he would need to be successful. Not gonna happen.


      1. Actually, I should have said the type of players HE would want in order to make them successful overnight. Someone, somewhere down the road will be as successful as Donahue was. But not any time soon.


  4. Ron Orr deserved better. He could have retired. Knew him for the last
    20 yrs. + especially thru “Swim W/ Mike”. He was a definite company
    man and part of the great swim teams of the middle 70″s.


    1. liked Ron through the swim with mike program Don’t know what he did to be axed.

      So for losing a friend at USC I am saddened by this news


  5. The Astros and Red Sox under mastermind Alex Cora took World Series Championships from the Dodgers by cheating.

    In Game 1 of the World Series in 2017, Clayton Kershaw was dominant, going 7 innings, allowing just 3 hits and striking out 11.

    Then in Game 5, he was uncharacteristically bombed, giving up 6 ER.

    Dodger fans assumed that he was a “choke artist” but now we find out the Astros with their CF Camera and Morse Code Bat Banging knew what was coming.

    A .250 hitter becomes a .400 hitter when he knows what pitch is coming because he lays off the curveball that ends up in the dirt and sits on that fastball at just the right time.

    It’s a game-changer and instead of going back to LA with a 3-2 lead, the Dodgers were behind 3-2.

    It was more than just a game that was lost when Kershaw was bombed in Houston.

    Seeing your Ace get crushed was akin to the team having their hearts cut-out: “uh oh, here, we go again!”

    The whole series turned on that entire cheating incident, and it changed careers, legacies, and lives… forever! Dodger Fans thought Kershaw had let them down. He should be wearing 2 World Championship rings right now, but Commissioner Manfred is too gutless,weak and compromised to do the right thing and strip the Boston Red Sox and the Astros of their rings. Major League Baseball has let us down down!
    Astros Manager AJ Hinch says he did not promote cheating. It was now-Red Sox Manager Alex Cora and the players led by now-Mets Manager Carlos Beltran.

    However, Hinch did nothing to stop it and he was in charge, and he received the glory of a undeserved championship.He must be punished. All these characters should be banned from baseball.

    This is just like the 1919 Black Sox Scandal. People who knew better did nothing.The only difference is this time the cheaters didn’t throw the game and this time the players who cheated and benefited are getting away with it scot-free.

    I do not believe that Astros GM Jeff Luhnow did not know. He knew and ignored it. And the Boston Red Sox, so beloved by the East Coast Media and PBS, all knew they had hired a certified cheater. They are the New Black Sox.

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    1. gotroy22 and to all other dodger fans,

      My only question is, how do you know the dodgers would have won game 6 and 7 from the Astros, even if the Astros were not cheating?

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      1. Ding dong the witch is dead, the witch o witch, the wicked witch. Ding dong the wicked witch is dead……


      2. You may find it here: 1st John 4:4…..”You are of God, little children, and have overcome them, because He who is in you is greater than he who is in the world.”


      3. We know because if the Astros hadn’t cheated, Kershaw wins Game 5 and the Dodgers would have won the World Series in six games when Hill defeated the Astros 3-1 in Game 6.


    2. Yeah well, tell me what happened last year against the Nats?

      I get the outrage but the real penalties should be slapped on the players, not just the crooked mgrs. – hit all the technicians, scrubs, golphers that ensured the scam worked.

      They should also hit the Red Sox and Astors with a minimum 2 year ban from post-season

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      1. Screw the Dodgers! Getting what they deserve, after turning their backs on their fans by signing with Time-Warner. It’s called karma.


  6. Take a breath folks and let’s see if Bohn is now getting to work. We dont know if the reason Bohn didnt fire Clay is because he didnt want to hire another mediocre coach and couldnt close a deal with anyone he felt was great, so they kept Clay for now. It might be more about timing.

    I still think that anything is possible. Bohn and Helton relationship has probably soured, as Bohn didnt like that Clay couldnt deliver on recruits and didnt even practice for the Bowl game.

    Venables is the solution. We dont need a mediocre head coach to replace Helton. We need a winner. Venables has the winning attitude. Sure he has no HC experience, but is a great recruiter, a great strategist and a great leader. He can turn around the poor culture at SC. We need to snatch him up before some other smart university gets him. Bohn, get on the line to Clemson and snag us a winner.

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    1. I like a lot of what you wrote —but Bohn needs to act fast. These stories about Bohn wanting to tinker with “systemic” problems before correcting the mess Helton’s made are very discouraging. If Bohn’s “timing” involves waiting til 2021 to dump Helton he’s gonna find himself up to his neck in quicksand.

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  7. On Keyshawn, LZ, and Travis this a.m. 710 AM the discussion pointed to Bohn being tasked early on with the entire athletic dept.. Lopes was the ‘HH’ martin Boormann – a crafty lifer that also acted as gatekeeper. Also that Bohn needed to have the dirt to sack the three because to have pushed for a new coach and subsequent news about remaining USC athletic administrators (Lopes, Orr & Jacobson) would have further impacted the overall dept. and university.

    The Times reported this morning that Lopes, Orr and Jacobson ‘…were referenced in a slew of internal USC E-mails..’ that was field by the defense attorney for defendant Zangrillo.

    The article is written by Fenno and Kartje and they cite the communique’s btwn. Heinel and Orr as well as Lopes hustling.

    All should hope this is the final settling of depth charged ship USC and also be very grateful Lopes was canned.

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