USC Saturday Buzz: How Long Will Kedon Slovis Last Next Season?

With Mo Hasan walking-on as a grad transfer, I guess it’s a good time to talk about the over/under on how long a QB lasts at USC with no injuries.

Kedon Slovis got knocked out of two games (Utah, Iowa) and left two other games (Arizona State, UCLA). JT Daniels is even more brittle in my opinion because Slovis took more hits than Daniels did his first year and Daniels looked jittery after getting hit his freshman year.

I would normally say 3 or 4 games might be the over/under. But USC plays Alabama in Game 1. Is the over/under 1? Maybe.

With a big question mark at left tackle and a bunch of average offensive linemen, why wouldn’t the Crimson Tide get to Slovis a lot?

Does anyone think it is unreasonable to say Slovis might not make it past the first game unscathed?

  • USC baseball coach Jason Gill debuted with a 16-2 victory over Western Michigan.

26 thoughts on “USC Saturday Buzz: How Long Will Kedon Slovis Last Next Season?

    1. What happened on Saturday.? Gill is another loser pulling Lambert after
      one inning, and leaving in Longrie to walk 3 batters. Bases loaded with
      no outs and did not score a run. This was against WMU !


      1. Yeah, most baseball coaches I’ve been around, heck any coach for that matter, coach the same in blowouts as they do in tight games. Especially in the first game of the season.

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  1. “I would normally say 3 or 4 games might be the over/under.

    But USC plays Alabama in Game 1. Is the over/under 1? Maybe.”

    (1) Develop the run game. Stepp and Christon are rare talents. Use them.

    (2) Slovis has to learn how to get rid of the ball faster. The spread offense is all about the ability to get the ball to receivers quickly if needed.

    (3) If all else fails, the O-line better be holding ‘Bama like nobody’s business. The over/under on O-line holding penalties should be 5 or more.

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    1. 67 –A big Yes to last paragraph—but these shouldn’t be ordinary holds — oh, no!—-these should be neck tackle holds that bring aggressive defensive ends to the ground. As long as you’re gonna get penalized, make it count.
      Another problem in the Alabama game which isn’t getting nearly enough attention: Clay Helton voting Alabama 13th in the country in the final Coaches’ Poll. This was Clay’s ultra cowardly way of getting back at Saban for the beat down. Clay thought he’d be out by the time of the game …..and the only ones who would suffer from his pettiness would be the players on his “beloved” team….

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    2. Yeah 67, he should’ve thrown that ball away sooner vs utes. Waiting for the receiver to clear wasn’t worth the 7 yds was it. Sometimes kids feel their indestructible.

      Then they get their heads T’d up and learn they shoulda listened…

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      1. Right on the money, Pudly. But I don’t know if Slovis really LEARNED anything as a result of those big hits—he’s a gambler by nature. As Clay Russell pointed out several times last year, Slovis needs to be TAUGHT what to do when a blitzer gets through, how to turn away from hits, and how to speed up his release by a half second. His position coach is the most important person in camp.

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    3. The Crimson Tide will be prepared to make a FB statement using bozo u as a punching bag, just like the Tide did last time @Jerry Jones Stadium.


    4. Dream scenario: No one gets injured, but the loss is bad enough for Helton to quit. The team then makes a miraculous turnaround and wins out. The OL and running come along and the defense isn’t plexiglass as in previous seasons.

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      1. Not me Ken, that was Scottie’s comment about the over/under. Sorry if it came across otherwise. I never wish any harm to any player.

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      2. kenwible — I agree with you 100% —we should NEVER give over/unders on on how far players are gonna make it into the season [and I’m positive 67 would never do that]. The paragraph you don’t like was just a quote from Scott’s column.

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    1. I agree, pt. [The tough part about telling J. T. he’s starting against Alabama is gonna be giving him the real reason WHY]…..
      #”J. T.,InTheInterestOfTransparencyIShouldTellYou…”

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  2. The last thing I would do is bet on how long a kid will last before being knocked out of the game. This is ridiculous even for Wolf. Don’t feed a troll.

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  3. Slovis will get his ass knocked out against Alabama, because Bozo Helton has been at USC going on five years, and has never really put a emphasis on his offensive line. I’m almost certain that, Helton’s stupid ass doesn’t have a clue as to how to win a national championship


  4. Yeah Scott, you may have a chip on your shoulder with USC for some reason. But leave betting on player injuries out of your column. I would hope this is beneath you. Unfortunately it is in black and white in your Blog.

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