Mike Bohn Spoke To Some USC Legends

Mike Bohn did a hometown interview and talked about how USC legends talked about te importanceo of competing in practice.

“When you talk to Ronnie Lott and you talk to Marcus Allen here (at USC), they talk about how on different sides of the ball they were constantly challenging each other, and it raised both of their games. I think that’s obviously what I believe we can do and want to do.”

It’s a good thing Bohn spoke to Lott and Allen. I wonder if they honest with him? I doubt Allen told him much but if Lott said what he really thinks, I suspect he spoke about Clay Helton.

  • It’s funny when someone decommits from USC, a segment of fans will immediately say, “he didn’t want to compete.”

Remember when wide receiver Koy Moore decommitted after Tee Martin got fired? Some tried to say he did not want to compete either.

Well, Moore ended up signing with LSU. I guess he wanted to compete.

  • Oregon has hired Minnesota assistant coach Rod Chance to replace Donte Williams. Chance was on staff as an analyst before he went to Minnesota for the 2019 season.

27 thoughts on “Mike Bohn Spoke To Some USC Legends

  1. Scott’s definitely on the juice tonight but that’s cool! still the point remains that under Helton competition within the team does not exist! which is why nobody develops into better players they just all seem to plateau from freshman season to senior season.

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      1. 67,
        USC basketball came through against the Washington schools [big time]…..now the real test is the Arizona schools.

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      1. gt –Thanks for getting us that article by Katz. My answer to Katz’s Big Question? There WILL be more physicality in spring practice —the 1’s on defense will get to kick the shit out of the 2’s on offense.


  2. Pete Carroll, and his drunk sidekick, Steve Sarkisian were notorious for saying a player didn’t want to compete, because he wanted to transfer, so he didn’t spend his college career stuck on the bench .

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  3. This competition talk is a leftover from Pete Carroll’s days. Carroll emphasized competition everyday and players, recruits and even football alums loved it. It was one of the major draws to come and play at USC and for Coach Carroll.

    But if anyone talks about competition at USC today and still thinks it exists under Coach Helton is misinformed. Helton never plays the best player. He favors upperclassmen and won’t play a freshman even if he is better than a senior. (Case in point was when Helton stuck with Toa Loabendahn even though younger guys, like Dedich, could have challeneged Toa for the position.)

    You know who took all of the Carroll practice elements – even something like Competition Tuesday – and incorporated it into his program? None other than Coach O. It’s why Marcus Allen and John Robinson have slowly gravitated to Coach O and LSU. They know Coach O is using the Coach Carroll blueprint and know how successful it can be. Once competition is installed in a football program, it can elevate a team and there is no better example of that than LSU winning the national title in 2019.

    Helton is too stubborn to emphasize competition. And too dumb to recognize he should. It’s why his program is floundering because all he thinks it takes is to say “Faith, Family Football” and tell a bunch of high school kids that USC has the most #1 draft picks.

    Helton needs to put competition in his program but he won’t.




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  4. Left over from Helton’s fuzzy memory. Competition at practice was put on hiatus back when we were shorted 10 players a season. But simple math says that excuse has passed. If and I do mean if, Bohn knows anything he should know Helton is too cautious at practice. The players aren’t going to complain too loudly because lazy is human nature. If coach doesn’t mind easy practice we don’t mind easy practice.
    Helton has gotta go. I haven’t said that today.

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      1. Not only did Austin approve, 67 — but Folt must approve too (since Helton is still talking that way)….

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  5. I spoke to Mr Bohn last night after the WSU game. I told him I thought it was good hiring for the rebuilding of the defense with coaches that’s are intense and want physical play. He agreed

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  6. This is almost pay site level information. I now know who will replace Dante William’s at Oregon and that is some serious inside stuff.

    Who cares about the Oregon Ducks hiring a coach away from the Minnesota Gophers. Oh he was an analyst at one time for the Ducks also.

    Inside USC you say?


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