Morning Buzz: LSU Coming West But Not For USC

Utah and LSU have agreed to a home-and-home series in 2031-2032.

Remember, Arizona State will host Florida in 2028 and travel to Gainesville in 2031.

SEC teams, probably realizing how tough it is to find FBS schools to schedule these days, are looking west.

USC, instead of congratulating itself profusely for hiring Donte Williams, should start scheduling home-and-home series with SEC teams. Sooner or later it will but how amazing would a trip to Baton Rouge have been?

People old enough to have made the trip still talk about USC going to Death Valley in 1979. USC won, 17-12.


18 thoughts on “Morning Buzz: LSU Coming West But Not For USC

    1. Well you need to schedule good teams way out. Or you end up giving UC Davis a money maker. Next uear interesting . Washington plays Michigan, Oregon plays Ohio St , USC plays Alabama. These are the kind of games Pac12 needs. CBS Sports article actually questioned whether Pac12 should still be a Power Conference . Lot based on their lack of revenue to keep up with the others based on Pac12 network .

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      1. Don’t worry, Pac12 — CBS and ESPN will come begging after Washington beats Michigan, Oregon defeats Ohio State …and USC creams Alabama….
        [Actually, to be honest —I’d like our chances VERY much if Helton and Drevno weren’t still around. Drevno is no longer a winner…and Helton never was]….

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    2. Why, are you 95 and won’t be around 12 years from now because you aren’t worth saving? The rest of us would like to see USC return to playing the best in the nation like we used to.
      You brainless rah rahs are unbelievable.

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    3. USC Fan Boy —gt has a point. USC ups it’s own brand, it’s recruiting and it’s self image by scheduling BIG games NOW —even if those games are played until a decade from now. What were Howard Hughes’ last words in “The Aviator”?…..

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  1. the easy plan is to expand playoff to 8 teams. Power 5 champs get automatic invite and three at large. Out of conference games becomes less important so good teams can feel free to play each other as they want. It generates way more revenue, better Pre season games, and maybe some conference rivalries like in basketball. It will take away the do or die nature of every game, which we all love, to some extent. But those three at larges would be determined a whole bunch by who you played and beat.

    Just a thought.

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    1. I disagree for a few reasons, “Ms H.”
      (sorry this is verbose)

      1. The Princess continues to get “a pass” for being independent. Notre Dame is financially rewarded for not sharing football money with a conference. They have their own private network for football.
      2. The SEC continues to be rewarded for booking only 8 conference games and booking cupcakes in November. The ACC is following suit.
      3. Over the decades, we have adopted these “conference champ” games which are poorly attended (at least the Friday Pac 12 champ games which I attend). Presently, the conference champ games don’t really seem to matter much.
      4. The weaker group of 5 (who don’t get as beat up in the regular season) would clamor for spots in the 8 team CFP champ.
      5. These people (the “selection committee) who watch a few games get together in December and pick their 4 favorite schools. This “subjectivism” will always hurt the game.

      With your plan, the 3 additional spots would “reward” the Princess and 2-3 loss SEC teams and/or group of 5 schools with weaker schedules. Your plan also lengthens the season.

      For a few years, I’ve seen a different avenue for expanding the CFB playoff to 8 teams while NOT LENGTHENING THE SEASON for our student athletes. Note–there are 65 power 5 schools

      1. Reduce the Power 5 to the Power 4 conference–16 teams in each conference. A few schools would have to move to a new conference.

      1a: already the “Big 12” is really the big 12-2, and looking to add teams to make 12 some day. Not a positive move.
      1b: The SEC and ACC have 14 teams. This means many schools go YEARS without playing the the conference powerhouses. The SEC and ACC would only have to add two more schools to make their 16.
      1c: I see the four top educational schools in the “big 12” joining the now Pac 16–Baylor, UT Austin, TCU, Texas Tech?
      1d: I see Oklahoma and Okie State joining the former Big 10. Renew the Nebraska OU rivalry.
      1e: The Princess joins the ACC for football (and all sports) and shares revenues fairly.

      2. The Power 4 conference champ games now “MATTER.”
      The “division champs” are the 8 finalists. The winner of the 4 champ games go to the final 4.
      3. The Group of 5 get to show their “worth” during bowl season. If they excel, perhaps they move into the group of 4 and chronic poor performers get dumped. Oregon State, are you listening?

      With my plan, there is no subjectivity. The “selection” committee dies!
      With my plan, you can schedule cupcakes all you want. You will be “smoted” at the end of the season ON THE FIELD.
      With my plan, Notre Dame (and the SEC) will no longer be rewarded by those who reward them.


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      1. So there’d never be a BYU – UCF – Boise St (group of five) that would make the playoffs? Would they be given a separate division for playoff purposes?


      2. So Pudly, my plan is not perfect.

        I think it is a better plan for expansion to 8 teams WITHOUT creating a 16 game season for CFB. Both the mens BB season and CFB season are
        TOO LONG as is. I suspect that this has contributed to the lowering of interest in Bowl games.

        BYU chose to leave the MW and go independent. Can’t help ’em.
        Boise, UCF, etc have been “interesting” of late. UCF has had a short run.
        They’ve likely benefitted by weakness at the other Florida schools.
        Let them both get beaten up by Power 5 schools 12 weeks out of 12 and see if they can stand up to the abuse.



  2. Don’t give the S.E.C. too much credit. This is the conference where they are encouraged to play cupcakes and where teams like Florida went something like 30+ years without playing a non – conference road game. The only S.E.C. school who had a legitimate scheduling philosophy was Tennessee. And, it is a well known fact the S.E.C. Commissioner (Slive) let it be known that no S.E.C. schools should schedule USC after they dominated Auburn and Arkansas.

    Only now, with the Pac – 12 weak are the rest of the schools looking for a Pac – 12 team to play.


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  3. I recommend the Dennis Dodd article on CBS Sports .com currently about Helton. Looks like time for another contract extension.


  4. That would be awesome. My son and I are traveling to other schools to see what their tailgates and traditions are all about. We went to Clemson last season. How great would it be for USC to play Ole Miss or Georgia and see The Grove, or experience a game against bulldog nation? I’m all in on it.
    Instead we are seeing posts reminding us that our new coaches are preaching toughness. How strange is our world? We are pansy soft and the Athletic department needs to sell us on toughness. Where did USC football go? It really wasn’t that long ago when we were the best of the best.


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