Too Many Believe Power is Always Right At USC

It was a great move by Mike Bohn to bite the bullet and cancel the UC Davis game.

What’s funny is the people who work in the athletic dept. and back last summer defended the move by saying UC Davis is better than teams USC would have played, like San Jose State.

But now, when USC drops the game, they are saying, “We needed to preserve our tradition.”

Yes, true. But it helps to be consistent on these things. That’s been a problem around USC the past 10 years. It’s “the king is dead, long live the king” attitude.

Pat Haden is always right. Until he gets fired. Lynn Swann is alway right. Until he gets fired. Steve Lopes is always right . . . well you get the picture.

13 thoughts on “Too Many Believe Power is Always Right At USC

  1. Big lame moves left and right at USC! With incompetents’ looking the other way to justify the big lame moves made by the last A.D. who had the job. The ridiculousness that has gone on way too long( 10 years and counting).Unimaginable by a blue blood program and tradition like USC.

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      1. 67 –Except for that brief run where they closed to within 6 points USC embarrassed itself yet again. Andy doesn’t know how to win away from home (a lot like another coach we know —who can’t even get it together if the trip is only as far as San Diego)…

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      2. Michael, sadly, exactly right.

        It can take Scottie between 24 to 48 hours to post about a Trojan win in hoops. How long will it take Scottie to post about this loss?

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      3. There were a few players that did not play do to illness or other matters. I’m not creating an excuse, but SC needs their full compliment of players to win.


    1. I speak for most of us on here except that stalking fool Owns (because he has that stupid grinning lame ass avatar of him). Andy Mr Flavor of the month. Which has been stale for over 3 years now. He needs to be fired as soon as the season ends. Obviously he lost the team again and can’t coach. I don’t care who or how he recruits he wastes talent any ways and his players have no respect him. Not to mention the NCAA recruiting scandal that happened on his watch! Yikes enough is enough time to send him out on his duff! By Felicia!


  2. Utah 79 – bozo u 65. Remember when the bozos’ were tied for 1st place? Now the Bruins are 2 full games in front of SUCCX.

    The claim that Bruin BB is dead is, as usual, 100%, standard Dear Pisley BS.

    Is it fair to say Andyain’twinning’s Old Lady is loading the U-Haul for the trip back to the Okefenokee Swamp JC?

    Would the Boner try to buy Cronin from UCLA to upgrade SUCCX BB?


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