Donte Williams On Rebuilding USC

USC assistant coach Donte Williams was on the “Trojans Live” radio show tonight. It wasn’t too revealing but here is an excerpt:

“It’s not the facilities, it’s the people in the building, the past alumni that have been here and the future guys that are coming. Once we can bridge the past and present together, with the people that’s already here, everything here is going to bright.”

13 thoughts on “Donte Williams On Rebuilding USC

  1. Rhis is a new, exciting time for USC athletics. But as an Alumni reading this quote from Donte Williams as a first experience with him, I am hoping he can do better grammatically in the future in order effective communicate with the new and old in ” the building”.


    1. Over my courtroom career I spent a lotta time with a lotta fancy talkers…. who never said anything worth remembering. Donte is a mixture of pure sincerity and genuine smarts. USC is lucky as hell to have him.

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    2. Well back on the plantation in my day… C’mon dude. I legit feel bad for you if what you said above is the first thing that popped into your head upon reading Scott’s post. Do you not get channel 11? You’ve not heard and seen how badly Reggie Bush & Matt Leinart butcher the English language on live national television.

      Does that too heart your heart as an alum?


    3. Can we all enjoy this moment? LD is speaking on errors in grammar of our new hire, while writing “Ris is a new, exciting time…” (sic)and “But as an Alumni…” (sic)

      I have my suspicions as to why LD felt compelled to have even attempted those corrections but whatever the motivation, it was so rich. lool LD, no hard feelings, just having a little fun. 😉

      That aside, Michael G., brother, where do you see sincerity or genuine smarts in Donte? What I get from him, and what he’s generally been billed as is an ambitious young man that understands the game is focused around recruiting, and plays the angles that offers. There isn’t much evidence that he is especially good at Xs and Os yet but a lot that he knows how to finesse the recruiting circuit out West.

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      1. Howdy G. C.
        Okay! Okay! I’m basing everything I said (I’m glad I don’t have to admit this on national television) on one YouTube interview where Donte is talking about the strengths and weaknesses of the class he recruited for Oregon.
        Aside from my embarrassment over parading my slender knowledge of Donte on this site, I’m glad you asked the question —it gives me a chance to say that the thought that occurred to me when I was listening to Donte was how much more ‘real’ he sounded than Helton. I’ve always found people respond to that…

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    4. I think it was Wolf’s copy and paste problem. This is the quote from Donte Williams. It seems that he spoke perfectly.

      “I don’t think you have to sell this too much. Great people. Anytime you get great people, it changes everything. It’s going to be all about the people in this building. It’s not the facilities. It’s the people in the building, the past alumni that have been here, and the future guys that are coming. And once we can bridge the past and the present together, with the people that are already here, everything here is going to be bright. It’s going to be how it should be. We’re restoring order.”


  2. Once again with the spin. I understand what else is he supposed to say!? but as a USC football faithful i am not falling for this. Fire Clay Helton and then things will be bright. The mismanagement of Clay Helton has destroyed this program. That is why our alumni and hometown recruits do not want to be associated with USC right now. Clay Helton is a loser and underachiever and does nothing about it but lie to the people.

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  3. I’m with you M82. I am hoping for the best from Donte Williams, but until the program is rid of Helton it will never achieve the greatness of the past. He simply doesn’t have what it takes and he has found a way to connive and con his way to keeping his current position. Unfortunately the administration has fallen for his bull shit. Hopefully Bohn will see through it soon and make the changes necessary to return to the glory of yesteryear.

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    1. If being given the game ball that should have gone to Slovis and/or listening to Helton describe a 3 touchdown loss as “good but not great” doesn’t help Bohn to see through Helton, I’m not sure what will……


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