Former USC Admissions Official Pleads Guilty

Hiu Kit David Chong, an assistant director in USC’s Office of Graduate Admissions from 2008 to 2016, plead guilty to one count of wire fraud in an agreement signed last month that was unsealed Wednesday.

He helped graduate students from China gain admittance by submitting doctored transcripts, fraudulent letters of recommendation and phony personal statements.

Chong admitted three students and was paid $8,000-10,000 per student.

MY REACTION: This is pretty small potatoes but shows there was a lot of fraud going on regarding admissions. Just remember the donors who had kids admitted that were giving USC six figures, and I’m not talking about those related to the Varsity Blues scandal. I’m talking about those secret lists kept in the admissions office.

6 thoughts on “Former USC Admissions Official Pleads Guilty

  1. Felony U! Just another case of Clown U’s dearth of Administrative oversite. Can’t SUCCX afford a seeing-eye dog?

    Hiu Kit David Chong, Felony U’s Milo Minderbinder.


      1. Give me a break; Felony U leads the nation in the total number of Div. 1 administrative/faculty/student felony convictions.

        #is it true Folt and the BoT are still goosestepping to “Nicky Squids” tune?


  2. Oh, you mean the the deals that all schools,especially Ivy Lg ones use constantly to build the Univ …public/private ,etc…called endowments …kinda’ like like Roman Catholic indulgences, and special monies to get cronies out of their purgatory? THIS IS NOTHING NEW…just more ‘fbi’ BS…a scandal a day bureau.

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  3. 22, I still can’t find anything on about the woman whose lawsuit is seeking Donnie’s DNA to substantiate that Donnie raped her. Donnie has sent his Army of Attorneys to block her lawsuit. WHY????

    I mean 22, if a woman accused you of rape wouldn’t you prove your innocence by providing a sample of your DNA? I mean what’s the need to send an Army of Attorneys if you’re innocent! what a load of right-wing BS.


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