Mike Gundy Wants Football To Start Back Up

Oklahoma State coach Mike Gundy has had enough, apparently.

The last sentence is revealing, where he says “we need to run money through the state of Oklahoma.”


11 thoughts on “Mike Gundy Wants Football To Start Back Up

    1. But he’s right, young people 18-22 with strong immune systems are low risk for the Red Chinese Flu. The over 60s with weakened immune systems are the ones who need to stay in isolation.


      1. Too much of a risk when u have 100 foot ball players, 20 coaches, 20 trainers, plus all the hangarounds all in one locker room. Every single day is not safe.


  1. He is accurate about state budgets. They are going to be awful. California’s $20 billion rainy day fund will be depleted if the wide scale shutdown goes far into May.

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    1. 67- Your post puts me in a Philosophical quandary. I’m in the medical field-(Mental Health) I had a census of 44 patients given counselors a 4/1 ratio in the facility I run. I now have 60 patients after furloughing 7 counselors & new budget constraints from the state of California. Are we going to far? Out of a total of 100 employees on March 1st- I now have only 23 counselors,support staff and most important 1- IT guy & 1 janitor- My Board of Directors has slashed my budgets by 70% for the first time ever. 4/5 recover from “ Chinese Takeout “ 3/4 are men and my best friends are doctors on the front lines of Northridge & Tarzana Hospitals. It’s truly unfortunate that the 1 out of 5 patients who died are elderly and/ or have deficiencies in their immunity system. Over 10,000,000 unemployed. The question becomes what is more important being alive to exist or the quality of life? I don’t have the answer/ I just want the ability to ask the right question.

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      1. Bobby,
        Answer: Being alive in a 9 million dollar home in Santa Monica will no accountability to a Board which is asleep at the wheel…..

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      2. Destroying the economy is going to have much more long term impact on health than 200,000 COVID-19 deaths.

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      3. Michael- You Are Back Atop the standings with your answer. 1) Michael 1a) 67 3) USC FAN BOY 4) Go Troy 22 5) Arturo Orlando. Death Penalty for Just Owns ( permanently). Me – I am applying for Division 1 status needing all your approval.


  2. All the healthy 18-22 year olds have parents, grandparents, aunts and uncles. What about some of these coaches who are no spring chickens?

    I’ll agree with these “preserve the economy” types as long as those who advocate this are willing to sacrifice themselves and their loved ones first. Or if they’re willing to forgo the use of a ventilator on them so others can use them first.

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    1. I’m a parent of 2 and I am truly grateful that my parents are doing well as it is a scary time. I would sacrifice my own life for my children and I would decline use of a ventilation device. My life insurance will give my children security.Listen – the bottom line is that there is 2 valid points and to criticize one over the other is insane. I’m hoping that you will agree 1) Free will & 2) G-D Will. I’m happy to go when G-D calls.


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