Morning Buzz: Guess What Didn’t Happen At USC?

Syracuse football coach Dino Babers and basketball coach Jim Boeheim took a voluntary 10 percent pay cut through the 2021 fiscal year.

Think about that for a second. Boeheim pretty much does whatever he wants in Syracuse. He even survived NCAA sanctions. No one is going to force him to do anything.

He’s also been to the Sweet 16 on 19 different occasions at Syracuse. Enfield’s been to one Sweet 16 . . . at Florida Gulf Coast.

And Boeheim is the one taking a pay cut!

Boeheim makes around $2.8 million, which is less than the $3.2 million Andy Enfield supposedly makes.

Meanwhile, Clay Helton will probably toss another video at everyone this week.

35 thoughts on “Morning Buzz: Guess What Didn’t Happen At USC?

  1. If Clay Helton had the confidence that he’s getting an extension, then of course he’d volunteer a pay cut , but he knows this is his Swan song . 😂😂 His family loves living in California, and he needs every penny to continue to live that Palos Verde lifestyle, because he’ll never make the kind of money he makes now

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    1. This cannot be! Not OUR bible spouting Clay! “Man does not live by bread alone.”

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      1. gt — Clay as Pop Warner Coach: “Hey, Scooter! You know what happens when you’re juiceless?!”
        Scooter: Ah, shut the fuck up, coach…”

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  2. Totally off topic, but since Scottie has been posting about old games, here is a good one, including commentary by the great Keith Jackson:

    2002 #6 USC vs. #7 Notre Dame, 44-13

    Trojans hold Irish to 4 first downs.

    USC 600 yards of offense versus ND 100 yards

    Tremendous defensive game including Polamalu, Udeze, Patterson, Groots, Rideaux

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    1. 67 —Notice how we hit harder, ran harder and believed in ourselves harder….
      Coach Carroll: “We ran at ’em until they didn’t want it anymore…”

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      1. Michael, IMHO, that game was total domination. The 44-13 score doesn’t begin to indicate just how bad of a beat down this was. And you can’t do that without a team that is really together, really bonded and as you importantly say, really believe in themselves.

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      2. Guess who didn’t expect that kind of 2nd half ass kicking….

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      3. Michael, at some point, (I believe it was in this game, but perhaps it was against the ruins), Keith Jackson says about Carson:

        “Mr. Carson Palmer is slinging that ball like a pool hall veteran firing darts.”


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      4. I miss him too, 67!
        [Do you think maybe it’s best Keith didn’t live to see Toa snap the ball 40 feet in the air and Biggie Marshall scream at the sidelines in the Cal game of 2018?]…..

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      5. Michael, I won’t do Keith justice, but here goes:

        “Whoa Nellie, yet another snap over Daniels’ head! Either Big Toa needs a new set of spectacles, or he should to go back to Pop Warner to learn how to hike the pigskin”

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      6. 67 — Love it! [But I don’t think Keith would spare Helton– “Get the cameras off that face — we don’t wanna see that right now!”]……

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      1. P. S.
        We’ll get him IF the new recruiting line is (as I believe it is): “See that guy doing the videos? He’s not gonna be the coach next year. Big things are happening!”

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  3. Korey Foreman has bust written all over him…he’s more over-hyped than J.T. Daniels.

    This kid Foreman has serious flaws, it’s why Clemson didn’t fight hard to try and keep him. Seen him play quite a bit, his instinct I.Q. is about as low as it gets. Other than his bull rush, his hand technique is subpar.

    And that’s just a few of his glaring weaknesses. Wait until he goes against guys his size at the D1 level, he’s going to get manhandled and exposed big time.


  4. Watch the video above and you’ll notice teams weren’t scheming to run away from him or the side he was lined up on. Teams were not afraid to run straight at him. Even high school coaches aren’t worried about him being that good of an impact player.

    Watch the video or go watch any number of other videos featuring him and if you know anything about football you’ll see he isn’t all that.

    Foreman’s size is what sold him on recruiters, once they got a good look at him they can see his potential is very limited.

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      1. Cal hippie

        I have a nephew that coaches high school footballl, the team he coaches for, has faced Corona Centennial.



    1. I watched the video. He is definitely very quick for his size, and strong as he tosses blockers aside easily. Has good pursuit.

      Dont know why you say his potential is limited. I see a lot of raw talent, but it is not all that disciplined yet. He overwhelms the opposition with speed and strength, not with technique.


      1. How many ballcarriers did you see Foreman run down? Foreman is big, obviously strong, but his technique and instinct are abysmal. He doesn’t anticipate well. A lot of the tackles he makes are made because the ballcarrier is right in front of him or forced back in his direction.

        Foreman will meet his match at the D1 level. He won’t be going against players that he outweighs by 40, 50 and 60 lbs. Once he gets into college and he won’t be able to run through people, he’ll have to rely on instinct and he doesn’t have it.


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