Here’s Tom Kelly’s Radio Call To Dramatic USC Game

Here is the radio call of Tom Kelly calling the game-winning drive in USC’s 26-21 victory over California, 26-21, in 1964 courtesy of my former colleague, Tom Hoffarth.

Craig Fertig threw a TD pass to Rod Sherman with 59 seconds left. Later that season was the big Fertig-to-Sherman TD pass to beat Notre Dame. which I wrote about in depth back in January.

Long-time USC radio/TV announcer Tom Kelly and John McKay

13 thoughts on “Here’s Tom Kelly’s Radio Call To Dramatic USC Game

  1. Where is Jim Murray, John Mckay, and Tom Kelly when you need them. i know, they are waiting for the greats of SC to get to heaven to start the greatest dynaysty ever in heaven. We could use them here righrt now.

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    1. pt,
      I get it…. but…. I think Pete, Reggie and Matt probably wanna hang around a bit before they meet Jim Murray……

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    2. This morning on the NFL Network they had a documentary on John McKay taking over the Tampa Bay Bucs new franchise in 1976 and suffering through a 26 game losing streak. McKay persevered and turned the team around with QB Doug Williams and a running back named Ricky Bell and they went to the NFC championship game against the Rams in ’79.

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      1. Big deal —I’m sure Helton and Max Browne and Damien Mama could do the same thing…

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      2. You always knew a team had a chance under McKay. Not that they would win them all, but just that no matter what, they had a chance.

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      3. Yep, 67.. cuz McKay teams were extensions of McKay —they LIKED a good fight.

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    1. I agree, Sam —[but I do keep a copy with a cover photo of Max Browne that says “Max Browne: The Next USC Super Star!”]……


  2. Trojan67,

    How about the 51 to 0 game loss to Notre Dame in the L.A. Coliseum.
    Sat there to the very end in the student section why don’t know.

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  3. scott, i was watching highlights from the 2017 rose bowl, when times were great, however, whats the latest with matt bormeister, was his case ever settled?

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    1. I don’t know —but I can promise you that Joe Biden will be judged by very different standards than the ones he forced on USC via his work on Title Nine Hearings…..


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