USC Stat Of the Day

But he didn’t get a game ball after he passed for 526 yards vs. UCLA?

13 thoughts on “USC Stat Of the Day

    1. Would Folt gain a little more of your respect, Pasadena, if she, after Helton hands her one next year, throws it back at him and says, “These are for players….stop kissing up.”

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      1. Arturo —It never occurred to me before, but that’s EXACTLY what Folt should have done. How smart of you —and how wrong of Folt.

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      2. I would respect her if she totally understood what USC football means to the school, the team, the alumni players, the fans, and Southern California. SC football is one of the driving forces that made L.A. great. I would respect her if she turned back the ball and did an objective evaluation of how she handled the retainment of Helton. She woudl have to dig deep and come up with a good reason for keeping him. She has to ask herself one quesiton, can Helton get us to the National Championship game. If she is even having to think about it, then fire Helton. You must believe in the people that work for you at that level. Helton is not CEO material and that is what SC football is at the head coach, being a CEO and winning. Helton is niether a winner or a CEO.


    2. The more losses that pileup the more gameballs to Carol Folt.



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    1. Let’s face the truth: UCLA players don’t want to play for Chip…..

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      1. Michael, given the coming enormous cuts to the UC budget, the only question about Chip is whether he’ll be the color guy working the “C” game on Fox or ESPN whenever his contract is up.

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      2. He’ll do “color rotation” for Pac 12 Network….


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