USC Holds Athletes’ Grad Ceremony

USC held its athletes graduation ceremony online today. At the 8-minute mark, Mike Bohn introduces Mark Stevens, who makes an appearance to recognize the “Stevens Scholars.”

You might remember Stevens from last year when he shoved the Toronto Raptors’ Kyle Lowry and got fined $500,000 by the NBA.

10 thoughts on “USC Holds Athletes’ Grad Ceremony

      1. Eligible for parole in 10 years ….but NO way it’s granted!

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  1. Thought occured re: the seemingly decent recruiting run USC’s been on with the new staff. This past cycle we were radioactive to elite recruits. This current cycle it’s seemingly anything but. The new coaches, for what it’s worth at this stage, have got us in the mix with a number of the high 4/5* guys, in very stark contrast to the Claynobyl disaster a few short months ago. Helluva job for a brand new staff forced to clean up the mess, reestablish cred, etc, and do it mostly virtually… to do what they’re doing shows a level of iorganization, planning, & communication not seen round these parts since Sheriff Helton took office. This begs the question; who’s boss hogg heading up thier recruiting effort? Could it be clays replacement in the wings? If you listen to the new coaches talk about how they got the call, who brought em in, etc, no one is saying boo about Coach Helton, Esq. As far Bohn? Seems unlikely that his AD rolodex would have that many indiv position coaches listed… that’s the kinda stuff head coaches have, not administrators. So how’d all these like-minded and immediately available coaches come to pass? Next years head coach. Urban. His staff. Clay will get a lot of softball credit in the media as a parting gift.

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    1. They’ve done a much better job recruiting because Clay was forced to hire some real coaches. (Too bad he can’t hire a real head coach.) But most importantly, they hired Donte Williams to head up recruiting. This, however, should not be seen as some sort of significant turning point in how Helton or Bohn make decisions regarding football. Donte fell into their laps because he needed to be closer to home to care for family. It’s amazing they didn’t screw up his hiring, with him landing at UGLY instead.


      1. No denying the value Donte Williams brings as a recruiter to the party. Almost as if his value as a recruiter exceeds his value as a coach. No matter what he brings it’s an improvement over prior efforts. Whether or not he truly earns a rep as recruiting savant because the bar was set unbelievably low comin into the gig, or him and the others actually do nail/sign a top 10 class compared to the SEC crew is a non-issue. And, I might be crazy, but I’m not insane, and pointing to this rejuvenated recruiting effort as a sign helton, or by extension bohn, has learned any new tricks, or turned any corners. If anything I was suggesting that no way in hell is Helton capable of producing the kind of tightly coordinated and fairly efficient recruiting campaign that’s taking place. No way. Would’ve showed prior to now if he had the goods. Bohn? He’s got one job: sign Urban’s paycheck. So if clay and/or bohn aren’t responsible for the new strategy, who is? Even a super recruiter takes his lead on who to go after from a head coach, based on the type of team/players the head coach wants. Seems to me that Donte is the executioner of a recruiting plan, not a guy who autonomously develops the plan. So, if all this is so, the question still begs, who’s plan are we working off? Ain’t Clay. Ain’t Bohn. And unless Donte has some authority that exceeds that of a HC, it ain’t him. Same goes for the staffing plan. Donte was an add-on bonus of sorts, hired more for recruiting, less so for his prowess as a db coach. Again the question about who identified and prioritized these specific d-coaches? Clay? Nope. Bohn? Again it would be odd for an administrator to know/find/persuade/hire a philosophically aligned staff from a variety of places. Orlando? Only to the extent a competent HC would be agreeable with. And, not from nothing, Clay, Bohn, Orlando, Williams, or even the new video staff don’t have the name cache to turn a radioactive situation into a rose garden in less than 16 wks. Know who does? Urban.


  2. No recruits have actually signed yet. If the wheels come off during the season (which they will as long as Helton is around) then virtually none of these top players will sign and they will all decommit by mid October. See Bryce Young. I guess running scared from Alabama and Nick Saban will buy Helton some time but eventually he will find a way to lose games we should be winning. An embarrassing blowout loss will be inevitable.


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