USC Hurt By Perception This Week

A Power 5 coach asked me today if “USC was going to play football in the fall?”

Not is college football going to play? He didn’t wonder if his team was playing.

Now, I don’t want anyone to play if it is not safe. And I personally wouldn’t go anywhere near a crowd, even in a half-empty Coliseum.

My point in relaying this is to show how the Pac-12 has positioned itself as a last decider in this. It probably could be the nation’s leader with its access to the best researchers at some of its member schools. But it chooses to react. So it gets pigeon-holed.

Is anyone asking if the Big Ten is playing in the fall the same way as the Pac-12? It didn’t help when Clay Helton blabbed about a non-Alabama, non-Notre Dame schedule. That makes it sound like USC would prefer hiding, even if that is an unfair perception.

By the way, if Mike Bohn and Co. object to this opinion, they should take one of the star players they rub elbows with to task for recently sharing an ignorant view about the pandemic that I will not publicize. But they never would.

33 thoughts on “USC Hurt By Perception This Week

  1. Unless the universities want to pull an Elon Musk, then they are largely operating under what Newsom and LA County and city politicians tell them to do. Not saying that current policies are good or bad, just that LA County is indicating restrictions may be in place for a few months.

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    1. No school in a blue state will play sports unless there is a vaccine. No pro team in a blue state will play sports unless there is a vaccine.

      And how about MLB players who think they should be paid a full year’s salary for playing maybe half a season, talk about out of touch.

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      1. “Moral narcissism” is a deeply embedded virus in all blue states/cities. A greater risk to this country’s health than Covid.

        Dems portray and control via faux shame, especially prevalent in rad left political university admin states like Calif. Add in theyre Hating anti-Trumpers to overthrow Trump Nov 3, you can likely predict Blue States will all goose step the next 5 mos with interference and sppt by MSM.
        This is all so predictable. Not hopeful for a Pac 12 season.

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  2. What was the ” ignorant comment “? And what made it ignorant in your opinion ? Was because the comment didn’t fall in line with Herr Newsome’s spiel ? El Duce Cuomo ? Frau Pelosi ? Comrade Cortez ? Dr Mini Me ?

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  3. ” Now, I don’t want anyone to play if it is not safe. And I personally wouldn’t go anywhere near a crowd, even in a half-empty Coliseum. ”

    When has playing a full on contact sport ever been ” safe ” Broken necks, legs, trashed knees not to mention CTE and you don’t want them playing until it’s safe ?

    Will you go back to a sporting event only if there is a vaccine ? How will you know if the person 2 feet from you was vaccinated ? I guess living in fear is the ” new normal “.

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  4. Personally, I would go to a game. With all due respect, only .125% of the population in LA has tested positive. Only .08% have died. Most of those are in nursing homes. I am not an advocate of spreading disease, but we are all shopping for food, and I’m not sure if one person working at Costco, Walmart, Target, Ralphs, etc has come down with the virus. Once the NFL announces they will
    Have fans, I’m sure some conferences will follow.

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  5. This is the clown that is directing our lives.

    With a SALARY of-
    Taxpayers laid out $413,865 for Ferrer’s regular salary in 2018, according to Transparent California, plus $77,905 in other pay and another $61,479 in benefits. On Tuesday, Ferrer told the Board of Supervisors that the stay-at-home order will “with all certainty” be extended for three more months, into August.

    FOLKS- that’s over half million a year

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    1. How could anyone in their right mind not appoint a competent medical doctor to be Public Health Director?

      She has no medical qualifications.

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    2. I don’t know one single person who has tested positive for covid 19. I don’t know one single person who knows anyone who has tested positive for covid 19. I DO know dozens and dozens of people who have been “furloughed” as a result of government enforced lock downs. These people are hurting. Their businesses have been severely damaged. Their children aren’t allowed to attend school. We need to ask ourselves what the real endgame is here

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      1. Michael, Here is the endgame, at least in California. It is to give people like Assemblywoman Lorena Gonzalez, who wrote the legislation that bans independent contractors from making a living here, and who tweeted to Elon Musk, who has created 12,000 jobs in Northern California, when he threatened to move to Texas, “Go F*** Yourself”, more power and control over people’s lives.

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      2. MG
        Pretty obvious…just ‘flatten the curve’ so we don’t overwhelm the hospitals & medical system. Remember that from a couple of months ago?

        Now we need to be scared of a ‘second wave’.

        Better wake up people. We have fully salaried, unelected, unqualified bureaucrats with the power to have you arrested for trying to earn a living.

        The media reports co-19 stats everyday like good whittle kiddies. So be afraid, very afraid.

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      3. I’ve followed Lorena’s career. She’s very bright & seems to be looking out for workers …. but her fairly blatant antipathy for big employers is really counterproductive [and, by the way, that bill of hers requiring vacated pleas in the event defendants allege they haven’t been warned of deportation, while seeming eminently reasonable, only encourages dishonest assertions of flawed pleas — NO prosecutor would EVER take a plea without advising a defendant that “further possible consequences of this plea might include deportation, denial of naturalization or exclusion from admission to the United States.” Every transcript of every plea taken in California includes that admonition…. it takes a few extra seconds because 95% of defendants stop you to tell you they ARE citizens, but you give the admonition anyway to be certain the plea is constitutionally valid.

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      4. You are a total jerk. Get lost you idiot. ONE MILLION 500 THOUSAND
        cases in the USA even if strangers really. What a loser of an attorney
        you must have been. Disconnect yourself from this site. Must be living
        in a hole underground to make these inane remarks. Take that dumbshit Joan Levis with you.


      5. Poor Gargamel the Libtard. Did you have a bad week with Obama revealed as a traitor? BWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWAAAAAAAAAAHHAHA HA HAHA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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      6. Joan has a mind and a soul of her own. No gentleman speaketh this way of a woman….


    1. Lorena started out okay, Cal75 —but she’s been emboldened by the fact she’s operating in an all blue state [courtesy of an electorate that would —literally —rather suffer the loss of their freedoms than look uncool]……

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      1. Michael, with all due respect, she is heartless (just look at all the people who have lost work due to AB 5) and she has the gall to tweet that “those jobs you lost aren’t any good”), The only supporters of AB 5 are unions who dream that converting an independent contractor into an employee (if the job still exists) means more union members.

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      2. 75% -80% of me agrees with you, 67.

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  6. I know all of you who don’t have two nickels to rub together who are worried about no football this fall, never fear NOBS is here. I’ll pay off any politician to have USC football at the Coliseum in September! Do you know how rich I am??!!

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      1. No worries, 67! All California needs to do is double taxes and end services (kinda what it’s doing now …but BIGGER)…..

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      1. So cool, Pudly. I hope we get to hear this multiple times between September and December (actually, make that January please)…

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  7. I agree Scottie, anyone with underlying comorbidities (ie, obesity) should not be placing themselves at risk during these times…


    1. Meanwhile those least likely to get the Red Chinese Flu aren’t allowed to go to class or play sports. Thanks you Governor Mimbo and Dictator Garcetti.

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      1. Hope they change their minds, gt. Soon. When you add up all the pluses and minuses, they’re hurting way more people than they’re helping….

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