Is The “Integrity” Test Coming At USC?

Carol Folt and Mike Bohn have stressed the word “integrity” since coming to USC.

So what happens if the NCAA sanctions USC basketball? One can argue what former assistant coach Tony Bland did was less than other assistant coaches implicated in the FBI scandal. USC has argued Andy Enfield was unaware of Bland’s actions.

But NCAA rules hold head coaches responsible for the actions of assistant coaches.

Folt and Bohn have also said following NCAA rules in paramount for coaches. So what happens to Enfield if the NCAA punishes USC?

24 thoughts on “Is The “Integrity” Test Coming At USC?

    1. It’s the auld Bozo excuses, excuses, excuses, excuses whine. It’s not loud enough Pisley.

      Oh well, Andyain’twinning didn’t know “SQUAT.” Just ask him, he’ll tell you.

      Bozo U’s BB crook on the payroll.


      1. Sorry owns, didn’t know you were talkin to me…I was reading Sam Gilbert’s autobiography….gripping tale that.

        You remember Sam?

        Do you remember that big redhead who played as a ruin? What was his name? Anyway, I sorta remember him saying that he received $$$. He even wrote it in a book. But hey, I’m making excuses?

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      1. I learned long ago to fit in to most groups by being able to absorb the local “accents”. I’ve been asked if I’m from Texas, bama, boston etc depending on which group I was mingling with…it’s a talent I learned in europe where there are many more dialects than most realize. But thanks.


      2. What I was saying is that I can recognize you accent in your writing. Thanks for the background. It sounds like you’ve lived an interesting life.


  1. Hey owns you dumb ass, we all can see through your selective memory about your sorry ass school. That you root for paying players to go there. Worry about your own school stalker.

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  2. I don’t want to blow the blog up again today and take it away from you guys (actually, I do but I don’t want to be more obnoxious than I naturally am), but I did give out some potentially misleading information yesterday and I want to correct it. I mention it just to show skeptics that my cause is righteous, my heart is pure and to also keep with the “integrity” theme. Further, I wouldn’t want anyone to be disadvantaged or compromised while they were out in the world because of bad information they got from me. With that said, I would make the following correction:

    Tissue paper is a terrible medium for use as ammo in a spitball fight and I never should’ve mentioned it in the same breath as a straw. I apologize and never let it be said that I’m not a big enough man to do so. However, since we’re talking about it… The best (typically handy) medium to use for spitball fights is the paper from the straw itself. The problem is that you don’t have a lot of it, so you have to be judicious with its use and keep your powder dry (pun intended). So, the next best thing will be the napkins from the food joint and you’ll use this as a sort of skirmish ammo. You’ll take whatever hits you can from it, but you’re really trying to put an adversary to sleep with the slow, ponderous flight you get from napkin paper. You see, people who don’t know about straw paper, don’t know that you have a secret weapon that you can introduce to the field at an opportune moment. A good piece of straw paper (expertly chewed and prepped, of course) will fly straight, true and with REAL velocity. If you send that puppy down main street and get some forehead or something, it will produce an EXTREMELY satisfying sound, and an equally satisfying reaction from a shocked and legitimately stung teammate. However fleeting it may be, do you know how nice a trophy a red mark in the middle of your teammate’s forehead makes? I truly wish I could give that gift to the world and that in itself would make the world a better place. You know how it gets better? To see that teammate absentmindedly rubbing that spot a good hour after the fight has ended. LoL. It’s extra funny because he wouldn’t give you that pleasure if he realized he was doing it….ha ha ha ha

    ….oops another long one…dang it…sorry!

    Last tip: Stay away from In ‘N Out straws because the gauge is too wide to be truly effective with any ammo. Get the burger for sure, but get the straw (and the fries, frankly) from McDonalds.

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    1. All good stuff, Clay —but let’s take a little climb up the lethal ladder, shall we? After ordering a Happy Meal (each of which comes complete with an “acid free, heavy weight, two ply vellum” tray napkin — you remove the tray napkin, visit the McDonald’s Rest Room to get some maximum strength paper hand towels —which you place under running water til they’re easily rolled into solid rock-balls. Wrap these inside the Happy Meal napkin, position yourself behind a family of four a few tables from where your buddies are eating—- and you’re ready to show everybody in the place a good time.

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      1. When the dust settles I have this feeling USC is gonna get off lighter than other schools under investigation….

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      2. It’a a good time until somebody loses an eye, Michael.

        “…Father, father
        We don’t need to escalate
        You see, war is not the answer
        For only love can conquer hate

        You know we’ve got to find a way
        To bring some lovin’ here today, oh oh oh

        Picket lines and picket signs
        Don’t punish me with brutality
        Talk to me, so you can see
        Oh, what’s going on
        What’s going on
        Yeah, what’s going on
        Ah, what’s going on..”

        -Marvin Gaye


      3. “When the dust settles I have this feeling USC is gonna get off lighter than other schools under investigation….

        The NCAA owes us and they know it. We did lay down for them, but they made a meal out of it. Thanks for making me angry about something else for a moment.

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    2. You know what? I forgot about Covid 19 and spitballs are definitely out of the question. Yet another institution destroyed…


  3. Dear Pisley I remember Sam, but Gilbert wasn’t a UCLA employee or the UCLA HC. Please reference the Gilbert Chgs. filed with and acted upon by the NCAA. You know like the chgs facing Andyain’twinning BB program.

    Until then, kindly keep your head up your kazoo where it belongs.


    1. He was a booster and a big time crook/con artist. He went to prison for
      some reason you idiot savant. He cheated exclusively for ucla basketball
      after USC threw him out of the athletic department for the same proposal.
      He somehow got away with his shit until Wooden retired. You don’t have
      to be an employee of the school to commit acts of ill repute.


      1. The only issue I would take with this is the use of the word “savant.” Idiot was fine and I don’t how you would justify the modifier. Can you help me with this?


    2. It’s nice to have you back. It’s sad though you place these replies out of the original thread. Don’t you want an answer? Usual ruin third rate reply.

      Might’ve carried more weight had tony actually brought money home to share with his other coaches or maybe some players, but alas he spent the money making it rain at the Vegas strip club..all $2400 of it..
      You keep up the good fight owns, soon you’ll be house broke.


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