USC To Play Gonzaga In Basketball

Now this is a game I can get interested in watching.

USC is going to play Gonzaga on Nov. 17, 2020 at the Phil Knight Invitational in Portland, according to Jon Rothstein of CBS Sports.

Gonzaga is ranked No. 3 in the Stadium preseason Top 50.

Thanks, Enfield!

10 thoughts on “USC To Play Gonzaga In Basketball

  1. No contest USC has not point guard, and questionable players on the wing.
    Enfield better get another guard transfer in school, or it will be a long season.
    Gonzaga wins by 20 or more very easily.

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    1. Not a home and home series, or that Andyain’twinning is like 5 – 25 vs ranked teams away from the barn.

      SUCXX BB vs Gonzaga is a worse mismatch than SUCXX FB vs Alabama.



      1. Andy was cruel to play with UCLA until the last second of the last game of the season….. and then break your hearts……

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      2. Ha! [Andy’s Playbook vs. Ucla: Trade baskets at a pace that leaves UCLA up by 2 in final second –sink 3 pointer to end game & break bruin spirits]…..

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      3. Said SC’s announcer at the sucla game: “Matthews around a screen. Step-back jumper for the win….He got it!… Corey comes through.”

        That was the last big-time sports event for America, and it sure felt good to be in Galen Center with so many happy Trojans.

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      4. I get ringing our doorbells & running may be your only source of a hard on, but damn kid, I hope you at least spend a fraction of the time on bruin boards as you piss away here…


  2. OWNS get off this site and go play with your WOKE entitled Bruin students.

    Your school UGLY is run by a bunch of anti semites.

    What else can explain the suspension of Gordan Klein?


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