A Damon Bame Memory

Here’s a story on All-American linebacker/offensive lineman Damon Bame, who died last week.

In 1962, Bame was named an United Press International All-American. When he made the team, a USC official told him at football practice.

“Did I make honorable mention?” Bame asked.

“No,” the official replied.

“Third team?” Bame said.

“No,” the official replied.

“Second team?” Bame said.

“No,” the official said.

“First team?” Bame said.

“Yes,” the official said.

Bame immediately began to cry. He then called his mother and high school coach at Glendale.

14 thoughts on “A Damon Bame Memory

    1. Such a fantastic story. So glad Scott ran it.
      May I tell it’s opposite? After completely blowing a national Classical Latin Translation Competition, I sat in the audience naively waiting to hear my name called for the bronze award —not hearing it, I thought, “cool, silver!” —not hearing my name called for silver, I thought, “wow, I must have done better than I imagined!”

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      1. Very nice of you, 67.
        [I’ve been reading preseason stuff & I’m pretty much convinced that, if our guys get to play, we’re gonna come through this season looking really special] —-

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      2. There’s more to the Damon Bame story. He had two brothers of which one (David) I knew. David past away about two years ago. He told me about the other brother whose first name I don’t recall but he was recruited by SC and was by far the best fb player of the three. Unfortunately he died after his senior year of high school

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      1. Trump is so far from perfect….. but look at the OTHER side! WTF?!
        [It would bother me as a voter if my side was running a candidate who, when introducing himself, couldn’t recall whether he’s a husband or a wife]……

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