Cal Being Cal

The UCLA-Cal game was scheduled at the last minute, so anything was possible in terms of a result.

But UCLA’s 34-10 victory over Cal was reassuring in one sense: It was good to see Cal is always Cal. Never expect too much. Thanks, Wilcox!

16 thoughts on “Cal Being Cal

  1. These words were written for one purpose and one purpose only —to hurt Cal75’s feelings….

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      1. Being a man of honor he wants to disassociate from anything having to do with Chip…..

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    1. Cal 75 is a great addition to the team here.

      While I’d not minimize the Bruin effort today, most games in the Pac 12 this season are exhibition games (including the first two USC W’s vs the Territory of AZ).

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      1. Well, Michael….
        We did not play (nor beat) the Northern Arizona Lumberjacks (Big Sky–second division conference). I think the Lumberjack “have felled” Arizona (or at least played ’em tough).


  2. Late entry, but how’s about RoJo II?!

    A 98yd scamper today and a 192 yard effort (ie, woulda’ been a 100 yard day without the goal to goal sprint).

    Way to go RoJo! Now in his 3rd year, he’s becoming the go to RB and competing nicely vs a very talented Fornette for the majority of the reps.

    Wonder what Brady thinks of our fine young RB….

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    1. Cal shouldn’t have accepted the game. Better to play teams you’ve actually FULLY prepared for…


    2. Cal75:
      It’s an exhibition season for Pac12, so still high hopes for Musgrave and some offense from Cal in the future. (I’m now thinking that Sonny Dykes as head coach and Wilcox as D-coordinator was the real ticket for the Bears). I’m looking forward to a strong Cal team…and secretly looking forward to a weaker and weaker Stanfurd program (across all lines).


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