Gaoteote Transfer No Shock To Coaches

Linebacker Palaie Gaoteote has not been around USC for two weeks so his decision to enter the NCAA transfer portal is not shocking to the coaches.

The reason he left is still not clear but is it at all possible that Gaoteote left because he felt he wasn’t improving under Clay Helton?

I bring that up for a reason: I’ve seen more and more parents of USC players express displeasure on twitter with the way things are being run.

It would not surprise me if Gaoteote, who was a five-star prospect, kept getting asked by people what the problem was because he was not making an impact the past three seasons. So maybe he thinks he might improve elsewhere.

He sure didn’t leave because he was mistreated. Helton still coddles his players even after all the staff changes.

  • Washington is not practicing today and reports an increase in positive COVID-19 tests. If the Huskies do not play, they win the Pac-12 North. How appropriate for the Pac-12 to have a team back into the conference title game.

I’m hearing if USC loses to UCLA on Saturday, the Pac-12 probably will have the Trojans play Colorado the following week.

Then again, there is this scenario:

20 thoughts on “Gaoteote Transfer No Shock To Coaches

      1. Do we really have to make UCLA a co-champion…?


    1. To be fair, it wasn’t by choice but a vote of the conference. After California’s third straight Rose Bowl loss in 1951, the Pacific Coast Conference disallowed consecutive appearances. The first PCC program adversely affected was UCLA; the undefeated and AP second-ranked UPI first ranked 1954 team was ineligible for the 1955 Rose Bowl; it would have been the second of three consecutive.

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      1. gt –as a duly authorized representative of Scott’s site I never want you to start off a paragraph with those three words again….

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    1. No way! Didn’t Scott distinctly say he only brought it up to show solidarity with the disillusioned parents of USC players?…
      [But you’re right, wilsonreade —Scott can be such a bad boy]!

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  1. Palaie definitely underperformed and has not improved. Averaging about 3-4 solo tackles per game since he has been here, less than what you would expect from a 5 star recruit. Could be coaching staff, but more like it is Palaie.

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      1. Not everybody is that into tough love…..
        [It’s like I said to my brother-in-law when he was complaining about how his Dad was tough on him when he was growing up: “What you wanted was 2 mothers?”]…..

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  2. So is it me or snowflakes abounding in college football? A few weeks ago this kid was under concussion protocol and held out of play. Now the other end of his body is hurt.
    Are the doctors being over cautious? Is the snowflake butt hurt because he’s not being utilized? What are coaches supposed to do? If they ignore the doctor, they are facing a potential of permanent injury. I know the anti contract sport people would love to have that ammunition.
    As far as development, these kids come into school believing they are perfect, what’s to develop?
    USC doesn’t wear names on their uniform because they are a team not a group of individuals. If it keeps snowing, they might as well wear names because every snowflake is unique.

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