USC Hires Quality Control Analyst From . . . Texas!

USC has hired Bryan Carrington from Texas as a quality control analyst. So USC is back to 10 coaches with ties to Texas.

He was director of recruiting at Texas and this will allow him to have more of a coaching role.

What I don’t get is when these type of jobs get filled, all of a sudden it is an “amazing addition” to the staff. Suddenly, he is credited with getting Bijan Robinson and Bru McCoy to go to Texas. That’s pretty amazing.

Also, quality-control types are not allowed to recruit off campus and limited in their roles. But the cheerleaders can have fun about it.

36 thoughts on “USC Hires Quality Control Analyst From . . . Texas!

  1. “But the USC cheerleaders can have fun about it.”

    Cheerleaders…as in delusional fans? I don’t know if there is anyone fitting that description still left. Even our own “Mrs. Helton” is done…

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    1. Yes, I am. This is all lipstick on a pig, but…. we really do have a huge portion of staff that loves recruiting and is good at it. By all accounts Carrington is another one of those guys. We all agree that it’s not enough to balance out the anchor that is Clay, but if I were a potential head coach and I could inherit 4 or 5 great recruiters, I would in a heartbeat.

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  2. New Trump the Chump news:

    NEW YORK (AP) — Donald Trump has resigned from the Screen Actors Guild after the union threatened to expel him for his role in the Capitol riot in January.

    In a letter dated Thursday and addressed to SAG-AFTRA president Gabrielle Carteris, Trump said he was resigning from the union that he had been a member of since 1989.

    “I no longer wish to be associated with your union,” wrote Trump in a letter shared by the actors guild. “As such, this letter is to inform you of my immediate resignation from SAG-AFTRA. You have done nothing for me.”

    The guild responded with a short statement: “Thank you.”

    Last month, the SAG-AFTRA board voted that there was probable cause that Trump violated its guidelines for membership by his role in the Jan. 6 Capitol siege. Trump, the guild said, had sustained “a reckless campaign of misinformation aimed at discrediting and ultimately threatening the safety of journalists, many of whom are SAG-AFTRA members.”

    Trump’s case was to be weighed by a disciplinary committee. In his letter, the former president said he had no interest in such a hearing. “Who cares?” he wrote.

    “While I’m not familiar with your work, I’m very proud of my work on movies such as ‘Home Alone 2,’ ‘Zoolander’ and ‘Wall Street: Money Never Sleeps’; and television shows including ‘The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air,’ ‘Saturday Night Live,’ and of course, one of the most successful shows in television history, ‘The Apprentice’ — to name just a few!” wrote Trump.

    “I’ve also greatly helped the cable news television business (said to be a dying platform with not much time left until I got involved in politics), and created thousands of jobs at networks such as MSDNC and Fake News CNN, among many others,” Trump continued.

    On Thursday, the Screen Actors Guild announced nominees to its annual awards.

    Losing guild membership doesn’t disqualify anyone from performing. But most major productions abide by union contracts and hire only union actors.

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      1. As much as I agree with you, most of the political talk on this blog isn’t coming from Owns. Listen, I respect, don’t agree with but respect, my conservative friends on the other side. Our common ground is football, faith, and love of country. They have the right to express their opinions, but so does Owns.

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      2. Masterfully done. Wow! I count 9 different potential pitfalls you avoided. I sincerely hope you run for Governor, Arturo —nobody could lay a glove on you.

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      3. Arturo, your reference to football, faith and love of country scares me, I hope that you’re not an acoltye of Charlatan Clay. If so, hear our voices and head toward the light, keep away from the darkness that is Clay. Heritage Hall and Coach Folt.


    1. Wow BruinRob, I’m sure Trump is going to lose a lot of sleep from being thrown out of a union run and supported by a group of pedophiles, drug addicts, alcoholics, and pansy ass, liberal assholes.

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    1. There’s a lot of Trumpturd loser/SUCCers on this blog. And, they aren’t shy about putting down Biden.

      Besides, Trump the Chump resigning from SAG or get kicked out is rather funny. Personally, I’m proud to say I’ve never watched his cheesy program that help launch his 2016 Presidential campaign. But, it’s ironic Trump was fired as the POTUS.

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      1. At the end of the day, when people asked not to speak politics you decide that you’re right in doing it… pretty much like the SOW wannabe you are.

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      2. Pudly, my conservative amigo, I try to stay away from politics as much as anyone here. However, as it is their right, MG, Pasadena, 67, and a lot of others are always talking politics and trashing Biden and us liberals. It’s all good. Owns fights back and sometimes even initiates, but it his right ( as it is your right to confront and challenge him).
        Peace to everyone. If I ever disrespect, I apologize as well.
        USA! USA! USA!

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      3. Just wanted to point out to you, Arturo, that you’ll notice when rereading my post I never mentioned that he couldn’t post his little diatribes. Just that people had asked him not to. I would never tell anyone what they could say on a public forum. And it wasn’t his initial post I responded too but rather his third.
        Btw Arturo, you’re too polite to be offensive…

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      4. Arturo, with all due respect, you shouldn’t count me as someone “always talking politics and trashing liberals.” If you can find a post of mine that does that, I will be happy to recognize it and apologize.

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      5. Actually, bruinbob, there are very few Biden derogatory comments floating around here. There doesn’t have to be. His actions speak for themselves. He is intent on completely annoying 75 million voters. Not a smart move.

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  3. If we squint hard enough, Traveler could start looking like a texas longhorn steer with a BEVO etched in his side.



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  4. I thought you were not BruinRob? Your reply just confirms what we’ve known all along. Are you accussing me of being a pedophile BruinRob? Because if you are, you are in violation of slander/libel laws.

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  5. Sorry it took me so long to scroll past the liberal arts major from Westworld. Honestly the vitriol from the Demoncrats is over the top.
    But now that I’m here, I have one question: Shouldn’t there be quality before we hire someone to control it? I guess lousy quality is technically quality, but really what’s to control?

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      1. Guilty, Arturo! I shouldn’t be painting with such a broad brush. In the seventies I thought the only reason to vote Republican was the shorter lines at the polling place.
        And as a life long Republican, I have to admit I didn’t vote my party, when the leader of the party contracted a deadly virus, got too notch medical treatment, and then said the virus was nothing.


      2. Ha!
        To all my conservative friends here (67, Rialto, MG, Pudly, Bourbon) I appreciate the comments and feedback. I am a work in progress who just needs to shut up and listen sometimes.. Owns, keep up the good fight.

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  6. Carrington is an excellent hire. That’s the beginning, middle and end of the story. Bravo. just please don’t hire Tom Herman to replace Clay Helton. PLEASE!!!!!!!!! With Ho-Dad (my favorite horse) sugar and spices on top.

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  7. Can someone explain what this job is and what type of metrics can be used to judge this job? It sounds like number crunching, but I kinda doubt that’s what it entails…. Is it just a gofer?

    PS: If you want to post politics, the net is big with lots of places to waste electrons….please go


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