USC Saturday Buzz: Coach Bohn Takes An L

I didn’t watch the USC-UCLA women’s basketball game Friday night. But I saw the score: UCLA 93, USC 51.

I believe that is the worst loss in the series since UCLA defeated USC, 94-49, in 1977.

At least that USC team had an excuse. It was its first season as a college basketball team. I don’t know what the excuse was last night.

Maybe Coach Bohn needs to deliver a post-game speech in the locker room. He’s so busy hiring the assistant to the assistant manager of the movie theater for football, he might want to put some resources into women’s basketball to avoid this happening again. It’s happened on his watch. He owns it.

The Trojans have lost their past three games by an average margin of 30.3 points.

14 thoughts on “USC Saturday Buzz: Coach Bohn Takes An L

      1. MG, I think “Thanks Enfield” has attained meme status. As such, it can be used in a variety of good sh*t or bad st*t situations. Lately though, it’s the latter situation the meme mostly represents.

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      2. Ha! People in the 23rd century will be saying “Thanks Enfield!” every time a dangerous new virus is discovered or an earthquake strikes……

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  1. Scott, you going to report on all sports now or just the events and teams where we lose? What about track, tennis, golf, swimming? How’s Bohn doing in those?

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  2. Coaching change is needed for USC women’s basketball. The coach is too old looks like a pimp. There is talent on that team but there is no discipline, and way too much street ball. There has to be some better coaches available even Cheryl Miller would be better then what’s leading USC Women’s Basketball now. Former USC women’s basketball player Tina Thompson would probably be a great choice.

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  3. It is a sad state of affairs for women basketball . There is
    some good talent on this team like Pilli and Rodgers. New
    coach definitely needed to get better size upfront and
    recruit a 5* player that would bring attention to the program.
    Talked cordially with Trakh the first time coaching here, but
    time to move on similar to John Robinson’s 2nd stint.

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