USC Rumor Of The Day

Since I’ve been writing about Andy Enfield’s relationship with Mike Bohn, here’s a couple rumors I’ve heard today.

If any change was made, Bohn would probably speak to Colorado coach Tad Boyle, whom he hired.

Also, that Enfield would be interested in the Arizona State job if it opens up.

18 thoughts on “USC Rumor Of The Day

  1. Bohn wants all his buddies that is quite obvious. The problem is all his buddies are coming from below average programs like he and Helton came from.

    I would not let Enfield get away, but at the same time he must prove next season he can return to at least the Sweet 16 to deserve a raise since he is already paid as one of the Top 4 Coaches in the Pac 12.

    Tad Boyle is a good coach, but not a good fit for Los Angeles or USC. If I were Bohn I would be focusing on recruiting a top tier football and baseball coach as basketball is in good shape at the moment.

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    1. Bingo.
      Boyle is a far better recruiter and likely better BB coach than Enfield, but Enfield (and his lovely wife) are far better for the So Cal environment. We gots what we gots.

      I enjoyed some time chatting with Tad Boyle years ago as he was building the CU BB program. He’s a solid, humble, smart guy (former stock broker) who is never leaving Colorado. His wife and kids love it here. You can expect USC to struggle vs CU for some time into the future.

      Bobby Hurley is a fine addition to ASU and I suspect admin sees that.
      Both parties would be insane to separate at this time.

      These are the facts, but stupid shit happens in College sports.

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    1. Hey Herb and Kathy, hope you are doing well these days. Much surprised
      to see you post here for the very first time. All you need to do is sign on
      to and Wolfe’s blog appears. Any idea if there will be a
      Media Night in mid August this year? Former Trojan Club Board
      Member of many years past residing in Northridge.


  2. I have heard it said and it is often true that rumors are like assholes. Everybody has one and they often full of $hit
    If Enfield wants to leave let him.

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    1. The new rumor? Clay is forcing all players and coaches to undergo “surgical transformation” to prepare for entry into Lingere League…

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      1. Rumor of day —I heard someone say that Jay heard one of the coaches said something about “being in love with him”….

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    1. Vic knows.

      Foreman, Tuli, Jackson.
      The front will bring some pressure.

      Jay must think he could stand out better elsewhere.
      Best of luck to Jay.
      Will miss out from graduating from the #19 University in America.

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  3. DL Jay Toia bolts for the Portal before even getting to first game. Sounds like another Cary Angeline situation where Toia realized he could start somewhere else and make it to NFL a year earlier than at SC. You have to play the best or they will leave even before season starts. Problem is head coach has Clay feet.

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  4. Tad Boyle is a proven winner. he took a program from the ground up. Enfield has more opportunity with the talent here in So Cal. He did get the prgram out of the ash heap from the previous coach. But he has not taken it to the next level where they dominate the Pac 12 and being in the Sweet 16 all of the time.

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    1. Many thought that they should’ve received an invite to the tourney 2 seasons ago. Last season there was the covid cancellations. This season should be the norm or we have to move on. Pac12 teams showed well this year…

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