USC Morning Buzz: Season-Ticket Holder Makes Tough/Easy Choice

I spoke to another long-time season-ticket holder Wednesday who told me that he was going to attend the LSU-UCLA game on Sept. 4 at the Rose Bowl instead of the USC-San Jose State game.

“I’d rather see LSU,” the booster told me. “USC will be there the following week and I’m not sure I’ll go that time either, but I’m sure I’m not going to the Coliseum on Sept. 4.”

I wonder how many more are considering this?

Since we are in the middle of the summer, let’s remember as USC tries to drum up interest in football season that Mike Bohn/Clay Helton decided not to play in a bowl game last season.

Every USC player I spoke to said they wanted to play in a bowl game. But when Kedon Slovis and Amon-Ra St. Brown got hurt, Helton and Bohn suddenly said the team wanted to be with their families.

I bring it up because there was little “Fight On” spirit shown in that decision even though you will hear Helton/Bohn talk about being competitive or playing like “warriors.”

29 thoughts on “USC Morning Buzz: Season-Ticket Holder Makes Tough/Easy Choice

    1. Just Rent,

      U funny man, LOLOLO. How is the fence jumping team doing and how are they preparing for their annual fence jump? U know and we all know that ugly is nothin’ but a joke and waste of time on their 80 yard field and at the Rose Bowl. U Clowns never showed up to the Rose Bowl game on Jan. 1st until 1966 and you they had been playing football since 1929. That tells you how big a joke ugly is.

      U Clowns Lose Again.

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      1. ucla played Mich St in ’54 &’56 Rose Bowls, but lost…that early ’50 to ’56 era ucla had #1-#5 ranked teams…


    2. Owns,
      For a guy who got stunned at the Rose Bowl by Clay Helton and then got smacked around at Galen Center and then shocked at Pauly Pavillion by Andy Enfield you would think you would stay on the mat. Because it’s gonna be more of the same headlines this season when you pick up and read the Los Angeles Times and it’s more “Trojans beat on the Bruins”

      PS. Andy is 4-0 against St. Mick✌✌✌✌4️⃣➖0️⃣

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      1. Andyain’twinning is 9 – 10 vs UCLA

        Sammy, does that apply to the 2021 Water Polo NC?

        #BTW, UCLA BB is rated #1 or 2 for the 2021 – 22 season.

        At lastly Sammy, there is a blog Rah-Rah who stated that on 9/4/2021, he would be at the RB for the LSU/UCLA game, not crumbling mausoleum for the SJST/Clown U game; smart choice!


      2. And Pete Carroll started out 6-6 his first season.
        What has Andy done lately…… the Bruins?

        That’s all that matters and that’s all that we remember. What is going on now not when Enfield took over the worst program in the conference 7 years ago.
        Today he commands an undefeated record head to head with Micky!


      3. Also, I decided after the UNLV game two years ago not to return unless Helton is gone. I won’t support the Trojans higher ups in that regard if they don’t care about the fans who have been there year after year by ignoring us by staying with Helton then I won’t spend another penny until a change happens.


      1. You would certainly know about that ’67.

        And Helton has to be wondering how Chip flipped the SUCC DL commit Jay Toia? I mean Toia was a lock to start as a bozo freshman.


      2. 67- I hate to disagree with you, however you are wrong when a 2 win team beats you there is no better nor bigger loser than Moron clay period.

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    3. Look at the bright side, my friend —-Scott is now referencing you in his posts [“a long time season ticket holder told me he prefers UCLA/LSU to USC’s opener at the Coliseum”….etc.]….

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      1. if on tv at same time I will watch the Big ‘O’…but when a commercial comes on I will watch the big losers team…I think sc is a loser this year ,probably even to ucla if practices are helltons fresh legs/shorts and no to the ground blocking and tackling.


    4. Helton and Bohn knew that the Trojans would have taken another beating in a bowl game against a decent opponent.

      Helton is in way over his head, he would have been outcoached yet again.

      If not for Darnold, Adoree Jackson, RoJo, JuJu and a few others improvising and making something out of the nothing that is Helton’s shitty play calling against Penn St. in the Rose Bowl, Helton and USC would have been embarrassed in that game too.

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  1. USC dodged a Bowl game last season because they were a paper Trojan (something you don’t want to buy at the pharmacy) They eked a few miracle wins, which bolstered Clay the Cat’s last two lives, but really only impressed people who had never seen a real Trojan football team. People named Fohn and Bolt were like “yay we won” people like me were like, “how long will this go on?”
    The injuries in the Oregon game were not enough to keep a real Trojan team down. USC has played with second string quarterbacks and fewer than twenty receivers on the team. Helton just didn’t want to face a real football team on National television. Ucla and Oregon had already exposed the imposter team.
    Did anyone bother to ask the backup quarterback how he felt about a bowl game? Oh wait we didn’t really have a backup plan
    2020 will be remembered for a number of things, but for me it’s the year Helton whimped out of a challenge.

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    1. The back up plan COULD have been putting Kenan Christon at QB (he can throw the ball just fine), letting him hand off 35 times, throw a few short passes when the opportunity presented itself…and take off himself 10 times… other words, let the team go have fun……

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  2. Fast Fred,

    If I am not mistaken, ugly won the conference but i don’t think they played in the Rosebowl because of a repeat rule. If that is the case then ugly had to play the previous year. I was going by the LA Times article on Terry Donhue. I should have looked it up. Uglie’s Rose Bowl games prior to 1966 are:

    1943, 1947, 1954, 1956, 1962 and then 1966. They have been to the Rose Bowl 12 times.

    Fred, I stand corrected. Thank you.

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  3. I imagine this whole season comes down to 3 things. Offensive line – can McGuire develop his players and produce a strong o-line, and will Monheim and Ford be able to step up to the challenge? Center of Defensive line – Who will fill in here? Linebackers – Who is going to be healthy and can we get pursuit to the ball to stop the run game?

    I would bet the linebacker play is much better than last year, the defensive line will be solid, but the o-line is just something we cant know. The best case scenario is that McGuire turns out to be a great developer of raw talent and the o-line surprises everyone and then at least one of the players actually gets drafted. SC needs to show o-line recruits that it can develop them for the NFL. Right now, there is no respect for USC players in the draft.

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    1. I think the “no respect” for the O-Line grows outta the Trojans being last in the Pac 12 in rushing……

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    2. Two first round draft picks coming from USC’s O line the last two seasons.
      Yes, the run game sucks, but there has been O-line talent over the last 10 years.

      Don’t know if there is talent now. We find out in 6 weeks.


  4. EdO coaching in Los Angeles again sure is ripe for some sensational stories the week of the game – what could have been at USC, WTF was Haden thinking, his awesome Cajun accent.


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    1. …wondering if there will be more Title IX/sexual harrassment BS coming out of Baton Rouge in the years to come.


    2. It appears that Ed O is on the hot seat down in Louisiana.
      The Derrius Guice scandel plus a mediocre 2021 campaign will likely result in the Ed leaving the program. LSU will pull the trigger unlike our deal ol’ alma mater which has been reluctant to relieve our HC of his duties.

      Here is a question for the board – who departs USC first? Clay or Andy?

      Today my $ is on Clay leaving before 2021 bowl game but don’t be surprised if Andy escapes at the end of the basketball season next Spring.


  5. I know this site is predominantly a bash Helton obsession… but no true USC fan is going to go watch LSU-UCLA. They may not go to the coliseum Sept. 4th but certainly to say they would prefer to head to the Rose Bowl to watch LSU/UCLA…#notatrueSCfan.


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