A USC Practice Switch On Day 2

USC mixed its offensive linemen in different positions today.

Redshirt freshman Jonah Monheim was the first-team left tackle. Courtland Ford, the heir apparent at left tackle, played second-team right guard.

There’s nothing wrong with switching things up the first week of camp to see if people can shine at different positions.

It just fouls up the people I mentioned a couple days ago who had hyped up Ford all spring and summer before he’s started a game at left tackle.


9 thoughts on “A USC Practice Switch On Day 2

  1. Yes, F ing crickets on USC gold medalists and HOF for Troy on same day.

    Wolf – you suck

    I’d vote to recall you if you were public official.

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  2. I 2nd that recall for Wolf! BT He does suck for not even mentioning The great Troy Polamalu #43 put in the Hall to day. Only wants to talk about the negative crap, at USC. One of the greatest Trojans to put on the Cardinal and Gold. Fight on.
    I’ve been waiting all day for him to mention it. Nothing, zilch, nada! Thanks Pudly for posting that you never let us down with great content. Again you suck wolf.

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  3. USC should bring back two people to the program – Troy Polamalu, and his uncle Kennedy (Pola). Kennedy, was a great coach, and leader. Never received a fair deal as an assistant at USC . He was an excellent running backs coach, and is now with the Minnesota Vikings.

    Troy is head coach material- I would bring him back as an assistant he knows the games of football, and with time he would definitely be a head coach. The guy understands what it takes to win to win.

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    1. True.

      Kennedy was a man-stud EVEN as a freshman.
      As he joined us in 1982, we couldn’t decide whether to make him a FB or a LB.
      In the last touchdown drive vs UCLA at the RB in 1982 he was in as FB (as the whole RB committee was injured), and he was blowing away Bruins–AS A FRESHMAN!

      Rumor has it he punched out Kiffin. That alone should get Kennedy the OC job.
      KP was the RB coach at CU Boulder when the late (great) Rashan Salaam won a Heisman. Everywhere he coached, KP had great RB’s.


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