Everything Has A USC Connection

It was just 61 years ago that Mark Davis was running the hallways of the USC Student Union building, playing while his dad, Al, was an assistant coach.

Al Davis left USC after the 1959 season and eventually became owner of the Oakland Raiders.

Here is a rendering of the house Mark Davis is building in the mountains outside Henderson, Nev.

The $14 million house sits on 6.3 acres and features a “man cave,” a prep kitchen, a bar, a steam room, a library, a sleek pool area, a porte-cochere and an area for “guest/vendor parking.”

Here is Al Davis (second from left) with the 1959 USC coaching staff.


26 thoughts on “Everything Has A USC Connection

      1. MG pays more attention to me than to his “supposed” wife.

        And Cal hippie referring to me as “Tboner”, well…speaks volumes about his mindset.

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    1. Tboner
      Unemployed but still giving it the huffpo effort.

      15 minutes late to the first post. What a guy.

      Come on man. Second isn’t that bad. At least you’re trying and better than owns.

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      1. tebow looked pretty good to Ariana after her first husband (if you know what I mean)….

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  1. Who GIVES a. About a Building. … USC Football Better RUN with the DAM FOOTBALL. Better have a Running Game. Gomer Claydo HE’ll ton better get his head out of his a ooo. Also KEDON slovis needs to line up under the Center to hand the football Quickly to the Running Backs. And 3 step drop to throw the Football quickly. .. Enough with the Shotgun all
    thetime Mix things up. To Off Set other teams defense. . ALSO throw the Football to your Running Backs …

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