USC Winners And Losers Of The Week


Amon-Ra St. Brown

He is the only rookie wide receiver in NFL history to produce a game with at least 7 receptions, 100 receiving yards, 1 receiving TD, 20 rushing yards and 1 rushing TD.

Kiel McDonald

The Utah running backs coaches the Rose Bowl on Sunday and then gets hired at USC.

DeMar DeRozan

First NBA player to hit game-winning shots in consecutive days.

Lincoln Riley

He is cleaning up the roster quickly. USC will need to add more players in offseason.

Nico Iamaleava

The star QB is transferring from Warren High School to Alemany per the L.A. Times.

USC basketball

As of today, the Trojans are supposed to play Cal on Thursday, their first game after a 19-day break.

Jamar Cain

New USC defensive line coach left for LSU without actually showing up to work on campus.


The Pac-12

A joke of a bowl season ends with an 0-5 record (and one cancellation). Welcome aboard, George Kliavkoff!

Joseph Manjack

The freshman wide receiver entered the transfer portal. What does it say about Graham Harrell’s recruiting that Lincoln Riley didn’t want Manjack to stick around?

Kevin Porter Jr.

He was suspended for a game after leaving a game at halftime following an argument with an assistant coach. No one at USC will be surprised.

The Holiday Bowl

No game since 2019, which means Iowa is defending champs for three years.

Chip Kelly

Wants a new contract and barely showed a pulse during bowl practices or rare media appearances. He might get that new contract too.


54 thoughts on “USC Winners And Losers Of The Week

  1. Good job, Scottie. I would add to the “winners” column Evan Mobley, who is looking like he will be a force for years to come in the NBA, and is contending for rookie of the year.

    Riley loves speed, and Manjack (speed is close to 12 seconds in the 100) prob doesn’t cut it for LR.

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    1. This is exactly why I say Enfield is a loser of a coach. He had Evan playing against kids last year and didn’t give him the ball every damn time. Look what he’s doing against the best athletes in the world! He didn’t get THAT much better over the Summer. He just got a coach that isn’t a strategic moron.


    1. The bruin athletic dept is $40 million in debt. I think they will go down market if they dump the chipper, maybe hire a current assistant on another team who looks good and who will take the job for less than $5 million. And who won’t mind an 80 yard practice field.

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      1. Gosh, I hope you’re right on UCLA going “down market”, 67.

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      2. If they hire an up and coming assistant, he may well turn out better than worn-out chip. Every once in a while, even the blind pig (ucla) finds the acorn.

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      3. Funny! That’s Chip’s favorite saying!

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      1. …who could not hold a 14 point lead from halftime.
        (I know, the Utah DB’s were decimated, etc etc).

        Utah showed its lack of depth in the RB, though I will say I was rooting for the Walk-on QB who threw a perfect fade in the endzone to bring Utah back in the last minutes.

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  2. “Welcome aboard, George Kliavkoff!” Absolutely agree, Scott. These PAC12 member administrators need to open their purses. Their parsimonious management of football has resulted in a loss of millions and millions of TV dollars. Who wants to see JV football? That, in turn, causes great players to look elsewhere to ensure they will be seen on TV and be considred for a Heisman as well as a top draft. This pathetic conference needs to change.

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  3. I really hope ucla keeps the Ol’ Chipster. This season was the best they can do under him and he doesn’t even try to recruit elite talent. He’d rather hit the buffet.

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      1. Is Norm’s still around? Back in the day, the family would hop in the car, pick up my grandmother, and lay waste to their all-you-can-eat platter. My brother and I punished them.

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      2. Oh, noooo! You’re bringing back so many unwanted memories! In the (very) lean years that followed graduation from USC & UCLA my wife and I would gather up all the spare change in the house (or sneak into her mother’s house and raid her purse) and head off to Norm’s on Pico for bacon & eggs & hash browns for breakfast …and turkey (?) and mashed potatoes (?) and gravy for dinner…. with apple turnover for dessert….

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      3. ..and then it was right back to Norm’s for a BLT sandwich & Nesbitt’s Hot Fudge Sundae…

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    1. That’s the difference between Chip Kelly and Riley. Neither one of them seems to care too much about defense but Riley is a good recruiter whereas Kelly always hated recruiting…..that’s why he left Oregon and went into the NFL.

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  4. Another “loser” could be New Year’s Eve’s semifinal games with Alabama and Georgia producing boring slaughters. Those 2 SEC teams were the best this year, and after them there was a huge drop-off. Do we really need an 8-team playoff formula?–

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    1. There is a great piece in SI on how the semifinal games have nearly ALL BEEN BLOWOUTS since inception (8 yrs ago).

      A lot of it is the Saban effect.
      When the old guy finally hangs it up, CFB will be fun again.

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  5. Rumor is that C.J. Williams (Mater Dei, 6’3″, 200, and fast, 4 star) will be committing to USC later this week. That might explain Manjack going to the portal.


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      1. If they get Williams, I think Dart will leave but I think Moss will stay. As much as I hate to lose Dart, I think that would be a good trade.

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      1. Rule of thumb:
        It’s never good for a university when it’s star player starts an “Open Letter to the World” with a sentence describing how he loved his time there…

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      2. Somebody mentioned how much Oklahoma hated us for taking Riley. If this thing happens that hatred will run richer and deeper than Woody Allen’s neuroses….

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      1. I’m trying to be reasonable…

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      2. …might get an NCAA inquiry on that one, Michael.
        Plus, Carol might try to stay on in the casita or the pool cabana.
        Might make Caleb a tad nervous with her hanging out by the pool.

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    1. The stars are lining up. Just don’t let Bohn put his arms round him and say the words, “Is this guy fun or what?!”

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  6. Both Michael Pittman Jr and ARSB have had a nice splash in their 2 and 1 years in the NFL. GOES TO SHOW WHERE A HARDWORKING USC WR will certainly succeed. Same with Robert Woods. Same with Steve Smith. Jarrett and Mike Williams?

    London up next. Get well soon fella.

    To all the haters on the site who gripe about all the WR recruiting, just look at where lousy WR recruiting got us this season. Manjack was truly slow with weak moves. Good luck young man.

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  7. Hard to call the Chipper a “loser”.
    A coach from New Hampshire (not a football hotbed, eh?) has never really done much in his football life–one winning season in the NFL–and yet he’s made mega-millions!

    Not sure he’s made his millions “honestly,” but he has bilked two NFL franchises and the University of California system/taxpayers of millions.

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    1. AND…..Chip’s Tostitos commercials made him ANOTHER million in 2019…..


  8. Los Angeles Times trying to take down the Catholic Church again. Granted it’s only hazing at Mater Dei HS in Orange County (double-whammy) and not molesting young boys within the Los Angeles Archdiocese.


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