Never A Dull Moment At USC

Anything else going on at USC?

Well, the student body president just resigned. Do other colleges generate this much news? It doesn’t seem like it.

39 thoughts on “Never A Dull Moment At USC

  1. Evidently, there was just so much evidence of the student body president’s racism that the article cited by Scott didn’t feel it necessary to list it all… or any of it, for that matter]….
    Can someone enlighten us as to what —specifically —led to this resignation?

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    1. Michael, the reason for resignation seems to be that the former prez doesn’t fit the job description:

      “Our community is in need of a leader who is better suited to represent our views and interests, and who will push for a more anti-racist, progressive climate at USC,”

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    2. He was apparently a good white person, so, according to Peaceful Moderate Democrat logic, he had to go.

      “Tijani said that moving forward, she hopes students can give Fritz and Ritch the space to be able to reflect on their actions and understand why difficult choices like the resignation of their positions are necessary for a future of anti-racism at USC to be possible.

      “Racism is so deeply embedded into every facet of life that you can be a good person and still be racist, but it’s whether or not we’re willing to tolerate that and whether or not we can actually open up and create the spaces for anti-racism to actually exist,” Tijani said.”

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      1. Well, those statements by Tijani sure clear up all existing questions for me…

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    3. It’s Official…Trump/Republican red states are the most dependent on Government Socialism.

      Decade after decade the republican red states have to rely on the Federal Government and all its socialist welfare as a way of life and their standard of living.

      From Market Watch…

      A new report from WalletHub confirms what we already suspected: The states that depend the most on “big gubmin”t are also the states that are are always whining the most about… “big gubmint.”

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      The National Debt has skyrocketed, the economy has completely tanked, it’s just been one huge disaster after another with this clown Trump.

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      1. It’s Official…Senileobama is a lying Libtard!


        Even the far left USA Today says Biden /Dumbocrat Blue states are the most dependent on Government Socialism!

        Decade after decade the Dumbocrat Blue states have to rely on the Federal Government and all its socialist welfare as a way of life and their standard of living.

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        New Yorkers get more government aid per person from social programs than residents of any other state, a USA TODAY analysis finds. …The state’s Medicaid program is the most expensive in the nation, driving the average cost of all government benefits in New Yorkto $9,442 per person. …USA TODAY analyzed data from the Bureau of Economic Analysis and the Census Bureau to determine the importance of government benefits in each state. The benefit numbers represent average amounts received per person — not just for those in a program. The benefits include what people receive for Social Security, Medicare, Medicaid, food stamps, veterans’ programs, college scholarships and many other government programs. …West Virginia…gets 28% of its income from government programs, more than any other state. The state’s residents are the second oldest, after Florida’s, and 20% collect disability.

        Data for all states can be seen by clicking on the USA Today story, but here are the highlights (or lowlights), featuring the five states that have the highest per-capita mooching from the federal trough. And we also list the five states that deserve credit for being the most self-reliant.

        Five Biggest Moocher States Top States for Being Self-Reliant

        New York $9,442 Utah $4,731

        West Virginia $9,138 Colorado $5,632

        Rhode Island $8,955 Virginia $6,001

        Maine $8,864 Nevada $6,080

        Pennsylvania $8,616 Texas $6,167



      2. Why you embarrassing yoself again? And I found your computer on again and you left the browser open on this YouTube thingy again…i tole you before to leave this shit alone..

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      3. LMAO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

        Your hero Senile Joe Biden just said that the police are the enemy and should be defunded!

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      4. Owns IQ13, Heathcliff Russell and senileobama’s Russian Collusion just suffered another kick to the groin!

        THIS JUST IN: British court rules against Christopher Steele, orders damages paid to businessmen named in dossier. reporting that:

        A British judge ruled Wednesday that Christopher Steele violated a data privacy law by failing to check the accuracy of information in his infamous dossier, ordering the former spy’s firm to pay damages to two businessmen he wrongly accused of making illicit payments in Russia.

        The interesting part?

        “The ruling involves a long-discredited claim in Steele’s dossier – repeatedly used by U.S. news media – that Russia’s Alfa Bank, connected to Aven and Fridman, was transmitting secret messages between Moscow and the Trump campaign during the 2016 election. The FBI concluded the computer pings were not nefarious messages but rather routine behavior most likely connected to email spam. Special Counsel Robert Mueller told Congress last year he did not believe the allegations.”

        And there are still people who believe the whole Russia hoax.

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    4. LMFAO!!!!

      Trump is going berserk in the White House with his niece having dropped bombshell after humiliating and embarrassing bombshell in her book that Trump desperately tried to stop from being published.

      The White House said Tuesday that Donald Trump asserts he did not cheat on his SATs to get into University of Pennsylvania’s famous business school 

      Also says his father was ‘loving’ and was never ‘hard on him’.

      Defense comes after Trump’s niece, Mary Trump, claimed in a bombshell new book that he paid someone to take his SATs and that Fred Trump Sr. was abusive.

      ‘The absurd SAT allegation is completely false,’ Deputy White House Press Secretary Sarah Matthews told in a statement. Says Trump said his ‘his father was loving and not at all hard on him as a child’.

      WH Press Secretary Kayleigh McEnany said the memoir is ‘a book of falsehoods” It’s ridiculous, absurd allegations that have absolute no bearing in truth,’ McEnany told reporters at the White House Tuesday afternoon. McEnany revealed  she has not yet read the book, which hits shelves July 14.

      Mary says Trump is a narcissist who borderlines on being a sociopath.

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      Too Much and Never Enough: How My Family Created the World’s Most Dangerous Man is now being released two weeks early than originally expected The memoir is the subject of a legal dispute between Mary and the Trump family. 


      1. senileobama actually believes the bitter money hungry daughter of an alcoholic who blames everyone else for her life- it reminds him so much of his waste of life spamming Scot Wolf and Wild West as his other sock puppet Tulsa Trojan. Ole Mare needed to study law instead of Psychology, which obviously did her absolutely no good, and then she would have learned about this thing called a confidentiality clause:

        “Mary Trump and others in the family had signed an agreement nearly two decades ago that included a confidentiality clause explicitly saying they would not “publish any account concerning the litigation or their relationship,” unless they all agreed.”


        And all the brainless libtards like senileobama, Owns, IQ13 and Heathcliff Russell were all ready to buy an autographed copy from this bitter libtard loser who assumed the fetal position on November 8th 2016 just like they did!


        So sad for Bitter Ole Mare. Her screed will be worthless on November 4th.

        BTW senileobama: Amateur Psychologist, heal thyself.

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      2. Funny that you can’t even spell haf these wurds on you’re owen. But you jus copy them an act like you know wut they meen. Well you do take after that biden goofball who never saw a good paper he wouldn’t copy.

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    5. Thanks to senileobama and all his sock puppets spamming this site and impersonating other posters, Scott stopped the comments! Way to go you stupid preachy Libtard!


  2. 22 is a faggot cock sucker like the rest of you bitch ass Trojan whores! Fight on? More like lay down and take it up the ass when y’all play any team with talent. Now I see why this is clown u. Y’all soft just like y’all team.


    1. Poor senileobama is triggered after his lies are refuted! Poor Libtard. Bring back Charlie Bucket, you have become sour like week old milk.


    2. Hey senileobama did you just see the AP story that just broke?

      “On Thursday, the jobs report showed that employers added a net total of 4.8 million jobs in June, after a gain of 2.7 million in May.”

      You are caught lying once again!


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  3. What the fuck do USC people think about when they act as stuck up as you assholes? Sports teams all suck and y’all the 4th best pac 12 school academically. Behind Stanford, Cal, and UCLA. UCLA even put more players in the draft than USC. So please one of you stuck up faggots explain. I’m going to sincerely enjoy watching y’all get your asses kicked all season long. Culminating with Trump getting his ass kicked!


  4. Tebow your mama obama keeps hating trump just Proves how U are Brainwashed by EVIL Socialism. Loving MARXIST groups Hating America … controlled by demonized brainwashing because every time you put down trump you are talking about yourself Tebow your mama obama. …..that is the Demon living inside U


  5. Did u know that Michelle Obama was a MAN had a Sex Change to a Women this the TRUTH which is a Very big Cover Up.. there are Pictures that Show Michelle Obama as a Man ….. You can search for it on the internet if you know how. . ALSO Barack Obama is very GAy….. liking MEN. This is the Truth which NO 1 wants to believe. …this has been hidden from the Public. ..


  6. The issue we are all running into is that there is only one view that is right . The liberal view. Conservative views are all wrong according to them and have no place in our society. Liberals want you to be open to express your views as long as they agree with theirs. That will be the fall of democracy as only one view would be accepted

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      1. Yes, through the sea of double-negatives and pretzel logic in that piece, something the kid did was so reprehensible that he should be run out of town.

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      2. It is unfortunate that Fitz used the term “Privilege”. He is a kid who worked his butt off to get admitted to USC, period. He is a gifted writer. His communication skills would have made him an effective advocate for the student body. SWJ’s loss.


  7. Sorry I’m late, what’d I miss?
    “Always be sincere even when you don’t mean it.” Harry S Truman
    So the student body president resigned so did Nixon. My question is, was he hounded out of office by the Democrats?
    Living as long as I have I have noticed something about the Democrat state of mind. They either win the presidency or seek to ruin the Republican who won the election. I have seen it time and again and it goes back as far as Lincoln. Lincoln was called “the original gorilla” by Democrat owned news papers of his day. They literally ran Nixon off for being human about a simple question, then spent the remaining time of that presidential term making jokes about Ford.
    I almost bought into the idea that Sara Palin was a bumbling bumpkin until I found out most of her foibles were Tina Fey. Bush Jr. spent his time in office swatting flies while trying to hold the country together. And Trump has been hounded since day one. I know I have a Twitter account and wish he didn’t. ( better to remain silent and thought a fool that Tweet and remove all doubt)
    The Democrats can have a President lie about getting a blow job in the oval office and nothing happens. They raise taxes while claiming that republicans represent greed. They can vote against almost every racial reform to hit Congress and still claim to be the party that represents minorities.
    Can we still say Fight On or has that been banned as hate speech?

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    1. The left has been trying to delegitimize every GOP president that followed Ike.

      Nixon: a crook.
      Ford: made a corrupt deal with Nixon, a dummy.
      Reagan: dumb and senile, an itchy finger on the nuclear button. Called the Soviets names that hurt their feelings.
      Bush 41: a wimp, just riding Reagan’s coattails.
      Bush 43: SCOTUS gave it to him.
      Trump: where do I even begin?

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