USC Morning Buzz: Less Optimism For Season

Will there be a college football season?

USC begins Phase 2 today with non-local athletes returning for voluntary workouts.

But if anything, there is less optimism about a football season in September than when the workouts first started.

I spoke to a USC player who said all the precautions being taken in the weightroom make him feel like actual contact practices next month are a longshot.

  • It’s a rare day when every USC dean signs a statement but that happened today as the university addressed whether internation students will be able to find in-person classes that allow them to remain in school instead of going back home.

Given the broad range of courses being offered, both in person and online, we are optimistic we will be able to support our international students to study in person safely if they wish, but it may take a few days,” the statement said.

  • LSU is getting three rings: National championship, SEC title and College Football Playoff.

8 thoughts on “USC Morning Buzz: Less Optimism For Season

  1. It’s a false narrative to take comfort in a lower rate of death. There are so many other things that are very dangerous and bad about this virus. Don’t get yourself into false complacency,” said Dr Fauci.

    What’s worse than death ?

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    1. For Dr. Fauci, now that the pandemic is waning so is Dr. Fauci’s moment in the spotlight and that is a fate worse than death Maybe he could work on a treatment for Joe Biden’s senility?

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      1. Joe is beyond help –he’s reading everything he says off a page placed in front of him (and slurring every word).
        [Nike actually came out and said “We ARE China, and China is US” —Biden needs to come out and say the same thing]…


      2. You 22, are a stinking FOS liar. The US has added a million new Covid-19 cases in less than a month to date, and the total US CV-19 case stands now at 3 MILLION – or as Donald J. calls it: the Chinese HOAX. Florida and Texis are at 100% ICU capability with no CV-19 pandemic end in sight.


  2. Optimism is a relative term. When I enter a McDonald’s parking lot I am optimistic that I will not get poisoned. However not so optimistic when entering a Jack in the Box parking lot unless I am using their lot as overflow parking for Carl’s Jr.
    I cannot believe this two weeks thing has ballooned into month after month. I can see where cynical people might have lost optimism, but have faith something will happen someday.


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