USC Morning Buzz: Which Conference Postpones First?

Here are the odds on whether the season is postponed from BetOnline. Note the Pac-12 odds for which conference postpones first?

Will FBS season be Postponed until Spring 2021?

Yes      EVEN   (1/1)                 

No        -140      (5/7)

Will any FBS game be cancelled or postponed?

Yes      -800     (1/8)

No        +425     (17/4)

First FBS conference to postpone fall football

Pac-12              8/5       

Big 12               11/4     

ACC                 3/1       

Big Ten             13/4     

SEC                 5/1  

12 thoughts on “USC Morning Buzz: Which Conference Postpones First?

  1. Wow, even odds on postponement – means they view a normal season as less than 50% probability.

    In terms of who postpones first, I think they are on the money for having the Pac-12 as the leaders for this – I agree, if for no other reason than Newsom is gov for CA.

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    1. 67 — There are a few reasons beyond Newsom which I think we should take into consideration — (1) Everything Folt has ever said, (2) everything Folt has ever done, (3) Folt herself.

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  2. there is absolutely no chance for fall football in 2020 in the Pac 12. All states are controlled by Democrat Governors and big city mayors with the exception of AZ and they are the least influential. With no one in the stands the only revenue is TV and the Pac 12 is screwed big time there. It would be a $ losing proposition for all schools in a time when there are all sorts of reductions in staff, student body absent in schools etc. Not going to happen. Plus all the liberals could blame Trump. BLM would say football is a racist sport because only 70% of college football players are black. What a mess…

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    1. Pac 12 television revenue is a function of Larry Scott’s negotiating incompetence….the chickens are really coming home to roost…

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  3. You are damn right football is picture of modern day slavery… What do traditional athletic t-shirts say “PROPERTY OF” said institution!. Black athletics are just slaves. White head coach (the master) some black assistants (house Negros) break the backs of black players (field Negros) to make make money for the schools! End slavery now. We need to have a collective bargaining agreement where the black athletes should get at least 60% of the profits from college football!

    #BLM #RacistMuch


    1. The way the white college players are slipped millions under the table makes me sick….

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    2. Yeah, I love the way we desegregated the teams to force black athletes onto the field… what did the shirts say when the teams were all white?

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      1. What did the shirts say in 1958? Yeah, like you can’t remember!

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  4. Well for lack of a better term it’s monkey see monkey do with college sports. If any conference postpones the season they all will. It is just that simple.

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    1. Sergeant Garcia on the 1959 television series, Zorro: “Let no lancer fire his weapon until the lancer next to him fires first.”


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