USC Morning Buzz: Winners And Losers Of The Week


Andy Enfield

The fact Ziaire Williams chose Stanford has a silver lining. If he came to USC, it would make the expectations higher and the underachievement for Enfield even worse.

Joshua Morgan

The Long Beach State forward is transferring to USC . . . and probably going to play next season if the NCAA allows transfers to be immediately eligible.

Pete Carroll

The longer everyone is stuck at home, the more time to think about USC’s glory days.

Clay Helton

Another week with no pay cut. Ditto Andy Enfield.


With nothing going on, when a recruit gets offered a scholarship it draws even more attention.


College football

What’s the good news at this point? Every week, it seems like the odds of fans attending games by September decreases.


Scholarship offers are given out like candy these days and heaven help us all as this practice gets more attention.

Summer basketball

How would we recover if college coaches and the usual group of hanger-ons whose lives revolve around being at basketball showcases all summer are deprived of this unsavory aspect of recruiting.

Todd Orlando

He has lost an entire spring of fawning media coverage because of the loudest voice in the room gets the most attention. The square jaw expression alone would have been immortalized by now.

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