USC Podcast Time!

I did a podcast with Aram Tolegian based on whether USC will have a fall football season, recruiting and what’s going on at Stanford and Ivy League schools.

28 thoughts on “USC Podcast Time!

  1. I hope USC at least play the Alabama Crimson Tide game, because it will expose Clay Helton even more for being the fraud Head coach that he is. Any decisions on college football after that I can live with, even if it means the cancellation of the rest of the season.


    1. I like the cut of your jib there fan boy! I mean posting an 0 &1 final for the season is the absolutely worst record Helton could post. He’d be toast after that if justice were served.
      Unfortunately if any game is played after the Alabama game, it will help smooth the embarrassment of being dismantled by Alabama. So one and done should be the plan. There will be no question about Helton’s job fitness. He should be fired with cause.


      1. Remember when Senile Joe was caught plagiarizng Neil Kinnock’s speech in 1987?




      2. Devastating!

        Senileobama, Owns, IQ13 and Heathcliff Russell’s hero is such a sloth he plagiarizes from Socialist Bernie Sanders and doesn’t even change the wording!



    2. I just listened to Scott’s podcast. I encourage everybody here to do the same. It appears USC is waiting for some external Health Advisory Board —state, county, city —to make the decision FOR them on how to go forward (make that, IF they go forward) with 2020’s football schedule….

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    3. Clay Helton: “The football team will meet once more this year….to award team balls to Carol Folt & Mike Bohn!
      Happy 2020, everybody!”

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    1. College Football teams are a reflection of who their coach is, that’s why the USC Trojans have been soft cream puffs the last four years. Clay Helton wouldn’t know physical football if it bit him in his vagina .


  2. Ha! you are correct. They are just as soft as the conservatives on this blog! All talk and no substance. Funny how they have so much to say about BLM but nothing to say when it comes to their football team. Makes me wonder if these idiots are even real fans. Most of them probably not even real alumni.


    1. Nobody talks about the dominance of USC football on this blog anymore, because of who they open the season with. But after the September 5th massacre, all the smack talk will start up again until the second loss.


    2. Senileobama has his sock puppets USC Fan Boy, rest in peace, Toobadsosad and impersonation of another poster all talking to each other . It is about as convincing as Joe Biden at 3:20 into his victory speech:

      We need a Jill Biden to intervene and take senileobama away to the rest home.

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      1. Senileobama 😭has his sock puppets USC Fan Boy, rest in peace😭, Toobadsosad and impersonation of another poster😭 all talking to each other .😭 It is about as convincing as Joe Biden at 3:20 into his victory speech:😭. They better stop now, or I’m going to tell my mommy 😭😭. Goo Goo Gaga 🍼🍼 👶 I have to poop 💩 😭


      2. I feel for Biden after watching this. All politics, etc. aside, he doesn’t know where he is or what he is doing after the teleprompter ends.

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  3. LMAO! You morons still think we are the same person? maybe more than one person knows you all are racist little wimps. Just a thought. Please continue to prove why you guys are a clown college.


    1. You are as convincing as Plagiarist Joe Biden’s denials that his Unity Task Force recommendations were taken — word-for-word — from Bernie Sanders’ socialist platform.

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      1. I just realized that my wife’s Ding Ding is bigger then mine.. LOL!….😂😂👏👏👏. 😜😜

        I love Senileobama he’s my hero 😀

        But Why am I so stupid, and lazy ? 🤔



  4. Oh the fake lawyer finally had something to say? Nothing about this cupcake squad though. Wanna talk about how you got a law degree from the back of a cereal box? Seems like a lawyer shouldn’t have this type of time to dedicate to a football blog so he can be a shy racist with his boyfriends. Ha! but then again we are talking about so called USC alumn.


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