USC Solves One Problem And Another One Arises

USC solves one problem and another one comes up. It came up with a plan to have school during the pandemic but now has a new problem.

ICE has announced international students with entirely online course loads will be barred from entering or staying in the United States.

International students are about about 25 percent of the USC student body. Most pay full tuition too.

We understand that ICE’s new policy is creating a great deal of uncertainty & stress for our community. Our international students are an important part of our USC family & we’re working diligently on how to support them. We’ll send out info as soon as we can on how USC will address this situation.

  • Steve Sarkisian had a heart-related procedure done in Alabama.
  • USC begins Phase 2 of bringing athletes back to campus tomorrow, which means they can start living on campus.
  • USC posted a letter on its new alumni club policy.
  • USC has hired Catherine Spear as vice president for the Office of Equity, Equal Opportunity and Title IX.

Spear spent the past five years as the first associate vice president of the Office for Equal Opportunity and Civil Rights at the University of Virginia.

8 thoughts on “USC Solves One Problem And Another One Arises

  1. This is the university where the Price School just hosted publicly humiliated, constantly outed liar and for-record fraud and acting auditioner Adam Schiff — ADAM SCHIFF, to “talk policy.” Little wonder it now intends to “work diligently” to help its cash cow internationals evade the law and law enforcement. (Yeah, and I’m an alum.)

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    1. Ever wonder why the cost of tuition is so high? Just consider:

      “USC has hired Catherine Spear as vice president for the Office of Equity, Equal Opportunity and Title IX.”

      USC is not systemically racist. It is a false narrative. Nobody has produced evidence of systemic racism and yet we have hundreds of meaningless positions paying six figure incomes with benefits. It is insane.

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  2. Imagine how much money could be generated if USC eliminated all of these bogus departments and administrators. It would amount to millions of dollars. You could transfer these funds to university community outreach programs and have USC
    students involved in the administration of the programs as teachers, counselors,
    social workers, ect., but that would not serve to promote the leftist agenda of
    systemic racism and victimization.


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