USC Quarterback Dilemma?

Forget about this year’s quarterback derby because JT Daniels will start.

What about after Daniels? Does USC want Mater Dei quarterback Bryce Young to commit this month or does it worry that might hurt its chances with St. John Bosco quarterback DJ Uiagalelei?

I’m hearing it is very unlikely Uiagalelei commits to USC if Young does first.

Young is the No. 1-ranked dual-threat QB by for 2020. Uiagalelei is the No. 1-ranked pro-style QB for 2020 by Rivals. He is also the No. 1-ranked overall player by Rivals.

But if you want one, Uiagalelei is the guy.

So how does USC finesse this? Maybe it should barely speak to Young like it did Oaks Christian defensive end Kayvon Thibodeaux. That might cause Young to commit somewhere else.


4 thoughts on “USC Quarterback Dilemma?

  1. So we are totally writing off both existing quarterbacks, they were both heralded recruits. Having only been allowed a few fleeting looks at the quarterback in place, it is unfair to decide based on paper evaluation. I just hope we have the best analysis in place before the choice is made. On the other hand a choice needs to be in place before the ball is snapped opening day.


  2. Scooter,

    Why do you say that you would want Uiagalelei? What makes him the choice over Young? No, I have not seen them play. Just wonderin’.


    1. Check ’em out on YouTube, P. T. They both look better than Sears or Fink. Problem with Young is that he LIKES to leave the pocket —-which is dangerous at the next level….

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