USC Likes Jack Sears But Not Enough To Start Him

USC nominated Jack Sears to be Pac-12 offensive player of the week. Oregon State quarterback Jake Luton was the winner but here is why I find it notable USC felt compelled to nominate Sears: He is good enough to possibly be Pac-12 offensive player of the week but not good enough to start against Oregon State if JT Daniels is healthy?

Clay Helton values the star system over performance, in my opinion.

14 thoughts on “USC Likes Jack Sears But Not Enough To Start Him

  1. Very easily, some 2 years ago, it could have read Max Browne and Sam Darnold instead of JT Daniels and Jack Sears. This time Helton is choosing Max Browne…


  2. Does any of this really matter ? This program is in a free fall. It is just as easy to install a new coach in place of Helton as it is to install a new quarterback in place of Daniels. The attendance was pathetic on Saturday. Lots of grumbling by season ticket holders of the fiasco created by Pat Haden and the greedy university Trojan Athletic Fund screwing people out of their season tickets. Stay tuned. Enough unhappy people talking lawsuits and seeking injunctive relief against the university to stop it from taking their long time seats.

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  3. If Helton starts Daniels and Sc loses, then he has signed his death warrant. When you have a better player like Sears sitting and you are starting someone not as good, that is not the betterment of the program. It is being blind to seeing stars behind the name of the player instead of seeing who is the best.


  4. Honestly Scott, where do you get your ‘inside’ information? Because whoever is providing you with this nonsense needs to be fired like you got canned from the daily news!

    Anyone who knows anything, knows that the ‘player of the week’ honors don’t come from anyone getting nominated! They come 100% from the conference office looking at the game results and game stats from the weekend’s games. There is actually a small group at the conference office that handles this and puts a short list together, that then gets voted on…

    Jeez, you have one job (kinda) and that’s to try to somewhat put together a legitimate blog, and you can’t even do that right…. time for a new career path for little Scottie… Maybe he can become an agent for unemployed coaches since he claims to have all these coaches texting him on their game days and seems to know so much about coaching…


  5. Sears deserves the opportunity. I’m not expert, just a fan, but Daniels seems WAY overrated at this point. Helton is a fraud. Darnold kept him in his job the past couple years. Why aren’t changes being made? This is ridiculous.


  6. To put it simply, this coaching trainee doesn’t know what he’s doing. He doesn’t know how to properly coach a high profile football team. He can’t hire capable assistants because he’s an unknown figure in football fraternity. And he’s clearly a terrible talent developer and evaluator. Is he doing anything right for the program? I don’t see it.


  7. At this point, Helton must know that his firing is inevitable. With him choosing JT Daniels, he is just trying to maintain his image of a man who is a loyal coach,a loyal person, or something like that and that he will stay loyal to you even when the ship is sinking. Why else would someone hire and keep his staff in place if it wasn’t for blind loyalty. No one could be that dumb. Even down in defeat, the guy is loyal.


  8. Jack hasnt earned the starting job only some more playing time. JT has won 4 games. JT can be given most of the same play calls Jack got. Its JT’s to lose.


    1. JT can’t run and, in today’s day and age, not to mention a sieve like offensive line, that seems be the big difference between the two. Granted in a year or two JT might end up being better. Ever hear of Wally Pep? You go with the guy who gives you a better chance to win. Game performance ranks high in my book.


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