USC Recruiting Is Something Else, Part II

USC offered a scholarship to Riverside City College defensive end Nick Figueroa today. No problem there since Figueroa has at least 18 other offers.

But what took so long for USC?

It seems like USC recruiting is in a bit of a panic mode right now. Half a coaching staff gone. An unimpressive recruiting class. This is not how USC should be in December.

24 thoughts on “USC Recruiting Is Something Else, Part II

  1. The Bruins have been recruiting Figueroa for quite some time and is due for an official UCLA visit this week or next. How about them Bruins?!!!


    1. If you get him he can help you to continue avoiding your home stadium (or any other meaningful location) in January – Jollywood owned again…


      1. Oh, I think he will. CK needs D/L help and Figueroa would have a good chance to crack the rotation. CK isn’t afraid to insert JC rookies into the UCLA D/L.


    2. Jackov, what would be the point of sucla recruiting anyone when they become gutties first and eventually losers? Yeah, you’re an excellent example. lol.


      1. lol

        Get ready for UCLA to run over clown college for years to come.

        It’s gonna be a hard decade for you clowns. It has only just begun.

        Even with around 50 scholarship players, Chip was able to run over your charmin-soft ass team. UCLA essentially self sanctioned and bullied sc using a bunch of 3 stars and walk-ons. Just wait until more talent comes.

        I’m predicting 400 yards on the ground next year vs clown college u.


      2. Miguelito.
        Your colors, your fan base, and your Red Sanders 1/2 Title are garbage.

        Hey you seem to be the poster child for bruin punks who hide all year until a win. Miguelito you can s*** my (rhymes with your name)!!!!

        Get some talent before we move to mars.


    3. How tragic! Another promising dude catastrophically succumbed to a rathole where all the losers come from. And you know who’s included in that luminous group, don’t ya? lol.


  2. It’s good to see that despite the mess he’s created of the USC football program, there are still kids out there who want to play for the Helton…sure, they all may not be the big time recruits some Trojan fans have grown accustomed to….but, at least they still want to be Trojans….So, SC probably won’t have o-lines or d-lines that resemble the Georgias, Alabamas, Clemsons, Texas’, Oklahomas, WSUs, Utahs, Oregons, Fresno States, but at least they still want to come to USC… some fans won’t be happy, some fans will….happy holidays from Lynn and Clay….


  3. I agree JC is better than the zero to a 2 star or a low 3…regardless ‘no bowl helton’ will ruin their chance to get better…only a natural like Sam could make it at SC these days

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  4. “It seems like USC recruiting is in a bit of a panic mode right now.”

    Hmmm….they are holed up in the house they built, it is burning down, and the natives are gathering outside with pitchforks.

    Why would they be in panic mode?


  5. Over the years, many 3 Star prospects have done really well at SC. It is easy and, quite frankly, lazy to look solely at a players’ ratings to say whether they will be good or not. Here are some notable 3 Star players who got lots of playing time this year:

    True Freshmen: Kanai Mauga (over several more highly rated players)
    RS Freshmen: Lichtenstein ( he played well towards the end of the year) McKenzie ( started several games replacing Edoga); Erik Krommeneck (better than more highly rated Petite)
    Soph: Pili ( has earned pt since last year ahead of Trout and Tufele; is in rotation for DL) Velus Jones ( fastest player on team) Voorhees ( started as True Freshman) Jimmons (in DL rotation)
    Jr: Clayton Johnson (in the OL rotation) Iosefa ( arguably, SC’ s best defender)
    Sr: Harris ( Ajene was solid this year) Ced Ware ( led team in rushing) Rector (perhaps team’s best pass rusher)

    There are some real impact players here. None of these guys were primaddonas, they were underrated as 3 stars, were hungry etc. I don’t know, I look at a Pika Nakua who was a 3 Star to begin the year and is now an (Army) All- American. SW, don’t be lazy, do your HW and stop making ill- informed commentary about the roster; players who break their back for the team.

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      1. You don’t even know the difference between your and you’re. Who is the fool? Ajene would take your lunch money and you’d have to like it. Stay in your own lane, creep.


    1. Arturo i like your enthusiasm for the team and the future, but THE PLAYERS HAVE NEVER BEEN THE PROBLEM. It’s this staff. They will never be more than what they make on their own efforts because Clancy isn’t a teacher on the field who brings a potential 1st rounder to elevate his play and get there. We will see guys play well but it will not be from the coaching but from there own hard work and studies in the film room. Meaning until they get a defensive mind who preps all week with intensity and hight tempo competition these guys won’t be a championship level program. I hate hearing myself actually say that but Clancy has never game planned well for any game except the first half of the this years ND game because he was fighing for his job. BKU said he has never worked with football coach that is more incompetent than our DC. He should have bounced for the niners when he had the chance instead of being ignored by our DC all year.


    1. For once, you are now like-minded with the right-minded – something like this is only possible due to the virtually criminal incompetence of CH/Captain Benteen…okay, enough of being nice (hope you actually derive the same degree of amusement from this that some of us do) – now that you have been gifted these two by CH/Swann/Haden Chartered, guess you might get past that “Stay Out” post-regular season sign at your “home” stadium for the first time in 20 years…and actually win there for the first time in 30+ years…and win a game with meaning for the first time in 40+ years…and…well, let’s not get to crazy!


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