USC Quarterbacks Face Real Pressure

USC returned to spring practice and new, quick-strike offense faced a defense that was allowed to bring pressure for the first time.

JT Daniels was intercepted by Isaac Taylor-Stuart.

Jack Sears was intercepted by Hunter Echols.

And Matt Fink was intercepted by the no-longer transferring Greg Johnson.

This should provide some good film for Graham Harrell to give the quarterbacks.

“You could tell it was the first time [the offense has] seen pressure,” USC coach Clay Helton said.

The other quarterback, Kedon Slovis, was out today.

So were Clayton Bradley, Stephen Carr and Vavae Malepeai among others.

Helton said he found out about the college admissions scandal like everyone else.

“I was not aware of it before then. Like so many of the USC family, totally shocked by the allegations. Because this is an ongoing review of the matter, myself, our staff and our players cannot answer any questions on the matter and I hope you will respect that.”

USC has hired three assistant strength coaches: Darren Mustin, Ty Webb and Jared Klingenberg.


22 thoughts on “USC Quarterbacks Face Real Pressure

    1. Arturo —Check out Dan Weber’s Instant Analysis —he said Daniels looked real good, throwing 5 completions in a row while under serious pressure.
      [And, if J. T. was intercepted by Taylor-Stewart, he got picked off by the #8 rated cornerback in the country coming out of highschool].

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      1. JTD (should be named J-1-TD/1-Int/game) is starting out like he did last year. Looking consistent in practice but ended up not productive in games (1-TD/1-INT/game) last year. Test players in real games not soft practices. But SC stupidly has no or only one easy game every year so not enough games to develop players. Last year Alabama played Fresno State, CO State, Mercer and Western Carolina. How can you develop players if you must win every game against conference competition or Notre Dame? In 2020, USC plays non-conference games against Alabama (away game), New Mexico and Notre Dame.

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  1. I liked the way Clay handled himself at the post practice presser today —-but I wish he didn’t say that bit about “I don’t want to comment on my involvement in the admissions scandal until I’ve had a chance to look at the Justice Department’s tapes.”

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    1. He was sweating profusely on his upper lip much like Nixon in those post break-in press conferences back in the day. Wonder if he’ll call in Kissinger for one of those famous prayer meetings?

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      1. “Henry? Do you still pray? Good. Let’s get down on our knees and say a prayer that the inconsequential stuff that only very peripherally involves, um, certain quasi -innocent people, never sees the light of day. I mean what would be the point of evidence coming out that hurt people who believe in a Supreme Being & Family & Football? Hasn’t the highest form of morality always been that the fewest possible number of semi-venal people should suffer in order to protect the larger majority of semi-innocent people?”

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      2. Pudly —Remember when the original InsideUSC was getting closed down and we went on InsideUCLA and started insulting everybody? Wasn’t that fun?

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      3. I do and it was fun. Especially the offhanded way you took to make your points. Actually sounded to most as if you were complimenting rosen and mora until you weren’t. Classic stuff Michael. If I remember Linkster and Gotroy were a bit more direct in their comments.

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      4. Come football season, I think we boys may need to pay the bruins another visit. It must get lonely on those sites.

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      5. Sorta like this press conference after the ruins loss in Vegas….

        only the ruins could turn Sin City into a ghost town.


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      1. You’re not gonna fall for that old “look at the hot broad at my side!” routine, are ya?

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    1. That a boy Owns. A comment on your area of expertise. Tell us all, how are you currently configured? Man to woman, woman to man, or just the Q is LBGTQ?

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    2. Funny how the liberals all go to gender shaming at their earliest convenience. What’s a matter owns, feel the need to put people down because of your own insecurities? What a homophobic piece you are!
      BTW, at my age, whatever my gender identity or sexual orientation I have learned long ago to accept it, and of those around me.

      You’re like a turd in the pool. You have no socially redeeming value.

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