LSU Lands Another Local Commitment

Jaden Navarrette, a four-star tight athlete from Norco, committed to LSU on Saturday night as Ed Orgeron continues to raid Southern California for prospects.

Navarrette plays tight end, wide receiver and defensive end/linebacker for Norco. Yes, he was offered a scholarship by USC.

Orgeron also has commitments from the nation’s No. 1-ranked cornerback, Elias Ricks, from Mater Dei and defensive tackle Jordan Berry from Narbonne.

14 thoughts on “LSU Lands Another Local Commitment

    1. 67 —-Like everyone on the team except Drevno —who must secretly be eating bags of concrete at home —–Helton has trimmed down for the season. He’s looking healthier and happier. And he’s not even pretending to be the Head Coach —– he’s carved out a new role that’s more like Commodore of the Yacht Club. He welcomes people, he helps people with directions, he makes everyone feel comfortable. I’m expecting him to appear at the Fresno State game in a very smart, double breasted blue blazer (with a cardinal and gold coat of arms on the lapel).

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      1. MG, Ha! So if Helton is the “Skipper”, then Pendergast must be Gilligan, and hopefully Harrell is “The Professor”?


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      2. 67 —No. No. Baxter is The Professor…..Harrell is Thurston Howell the Third.

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      1. The funny thing, gt, is —— I bet if you asked him, Pat would say he’s really proud of not allowing a Wallace Beery type like Ed to become Head Coach. All Ed could do for the team is win games……

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  1. Ed is making hay while the sun shines. Frankly he should. E. Ricks’s mom told me Ed O. came out and made contact before USC even thought about contacting her son . She also told me Friday that they were unhappy he wasn’t coming to the spring game and she told them he’s heading to Louisiana.
    USC is down because they are a rudderless ship. I can only hope they get their bearings soon or the next few years are going to be dreadful.

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  2. When listening to Coach Helton this year, you can’t help noticing that he’s so much more politically aware than his boss, Swann. He may not be a good head coach, but he’s a good ambassador for the university…..
    Kill 2 Birds with One Stone Department: Fire Swann and replace him with Helton.

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  3. Tight athlete? Wolf please proofread! As much as we all would love to see the incompetent Swann gone, at least his arrogant and defiant statements don’t have any Freudian slips. Wolf … The Clay Helton of Journalism

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