Clay Helton Mails In Radio Interview

Clay Helton didn’t even do the “Trojans Live” show in person tonight. He mailed it in by calling on his cell phone, which had poor reception and died before the inteview was over.

“It may not be the sexiest class but it’s one that wins championships,” Helton said.

That’s a recycled comment from December.

Helton said “we have a corners coach that we’ll hire here soon.” He also said they would hire a special teams coordinator and defensive line coach in the next two weeks.

Below is some Helton spin from the Pac-12 Network.


22 thoughts on “Clay Helton Mails In Radio Interview

    1. It’s actually worse than that, B. J. Helton doesn’t give a shit whether we remember USC’s football tradition or not….

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      1. Give the poor man a break. It was hump day during another stressful week.


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      2. Clay is the biggest Bee-Esser in CFB right now. Does he realize the quotes he’s spit out?


    2. As long as fans of USC continue to focus their ire on Bohn and Helton, nothing will change.

      The decision to remove Helton will need to happen at a higher level. I dont even think it is Folt. It is Rick Caruso, the guy who has increasing control of the BOT. There is no way Folt could have saved Helton if Caruso was not 100% behind it.

      So people who have any contact with Caruso need to be the ones to influence him to change his mind. Otherwise, nothing will change.

      How can we blame Helton for staying as HC? How can we blame him for being incompetent at his job? He is doing his best… it just isnt good enough.

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    3. Helton is hoping alumni that expect excellence will give up and be replaced with SJWs who don’t care if SC wins or loses as long as they have a fun tailgate featuring recipes from The Food Channel and a vintage wine.

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  1. “It may not be the sexiest class but it’s one that wins championships,” Helton said. He did not really say this did he?? that idiot never ceases to amaze me with his stomach churning spin.

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  2. Complete and Total BullShit from Helton!
    How does this idiot sleep at night?
    Folt, you cannot be as dumb as you appear to be!
    Obviously, Folt and Bohn want to minimize your he status of our Previously Great Football program.
    Do the academic’s really think that USC doesn’t need the Football Program anymore?
    Unbelievable and very Disappointing !

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  3. Never been a fan of Helton. Thought he was the easy (lazy) way out for Haden (just had to double think that – he was hired by Haden !!!). Still, even Paul Hackett predicted that the 2002 team would be a handful. Hopefully, like Hackett, he won’t survive long enough to see the team become respetable again.

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  4. I refuse to be critical of the players in this class- it isn’t their fault that they accepted scholarships and were part of a very small class and that not any of them were 4 and 5 Star players. They have to use this a motivation to just be or become great.

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  5. I wonder when AD Bohnhead makes another ridiculous public statement trying to defend this mess. I wonder if Folt will make a public statement since she thinks she can recruit! oh yeah Justin Flowe did not buy whatever her dumb ass was selling either.

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    1. Dont blame Bohn, he was forced to keep Clay. He probably should have quit if they would not let him make the decision, but he has a family to think about.

      Direct your focus higher up the food chain, to the very top of the BOT. That is where the change of heart needs to come from.

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  6. Does anyone else hear Charlie Brown’s teacher? Fucking crazy that it has come to this. Sad. Flow, you still suck. You and Chaz Bucket.


  7. MG – You are correct… idk why i wake up everyday thinking things will get better. I guess Clay Helton has officially driven me insane! A man with integrity would not go through such great lengths to dodge media and fans.

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    1. Megatron — Clay is running for his life now. That is all he thinks about. That is all he cares about. That is all he plans for.

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