Don’t Rely On Clay Helton For Facts Either

I will chalk this up to the fact Clay Helton was probably driving in South Bay traffic Wednesday night and got distracted.

Helton recalled facing new USC defensive coordinator Todd Orlando during “Trojans Live” and said facing him once at Utah State and twice at Texas were “three of the most frustrating days I’ve ever had in my life.”

“When he was the defensive coordinator at Utah State, in 2010, when we won a 19-17 game against them,” Helton said.

USC did not play Utah State in 2010.

It played the Aggies in 2013 and USC won, 17-14, not 19-17.

13 thoughts on “Don’t Rely On Clay Helton For Facts Either

  1. Everyone will eat their words on Helton when we blowout Alabama and Orlando holds them to 10 pts or under. Then run the table to a national championship !


  2. He’s just a liar! Plain and simple. Bohn is a liar and Folt is liar. These people should never ever mention the word integrity again


  3. Wolf being critical of Helton for misconstruing some minor facts is simply ironic.



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  4. Think about this……………

    Here you have a HEAD COACH who is having his assistants picked for him. Name another HEAD COACH that would tolerate that ?

    I also love the quote “It may not be the sexiest class but it’s one that wins championships,” Really? At what level? Navy gets nothing but 0, 1 & 2 stars and they get coached up and will play better than any of these kids that Gomer recruited because he doesn’t coach anyone up.

    Helton said “we have a corners coach that we’ll hire here soon.” He also said they would hire a special teams coordinator and defensive line coach in the next two weeks. What’s ” soon ” in Gomerland ? Will Bohn be hiring these people or will it be Orlando or both since Gomer has no idea what defense is or special teams for that matter ?

    “I was like, `Wow, there’s one of the best defensive coordinators in the country and we’ve got an opportunity to garner him,’ ” Helton said. Gomer was played by Berry, told to F off by Richard, and got this guy, I’m sure, after Bohn called and BEGGED him to come. And he’s so good Texas fired him.

    Anyone wanna bet that if Gomer wasn’t forced to can Baxter and Clancy that they would still be employed ? 13 assistants fired in what, 3 years ? The WORST recruiting class in USC history, can’t even get kids away from Boise St or North Carolina-Charlotte. That’s hilarious and pathetic and this clown still has a job, HAHAHAHAHAHAHA

    FAIL ON !

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  5. Clay is just commenting on the fact that Toddo had the nerve to say soft practice was in the past. The roughest day of his life when someone pointed iron sharpens iron-not hugs make tugs was the new motto at practice.
    How many times did the team take it easy last season? My guess is 5 days a week

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