USC Sunday Buzz: Marcus Allen Returning To . . . LSU

Marcus Allen will be the headline speaker at the . . . LSU coaches’ clinic on March 12-13.

Who else? John Robinson. And new defensive coordinator Bo Pelini, who is a Pete Carroll disciple.

I can’t really blame Allen. Would you rather spend time with Clay Helton or Ed Orgeron? Case closed.

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  • The USC women’s basketball team hosts No. 3-ranked Oregon at the Galen Center at 1 p.m.

15 thoughts on “USC Sunday Buzz: Marcus Allen Returning To . . . LSU

  1. Nice work —avoiding the heart of the story, Scott! Why not at least mention the fact that the LSU Coaches’ Clinic is being headlined by “Coaches” Carol Folt & Mike Bohn?! LSU put out press release last week saying that if Folt and Bohn were good enough to be named “Coaches” by Helton, they were good enough to “oversee, second guess and overrule” any input offered by Marcus Allen, John Robinson and Bo Pelini.

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  2. I’d rather spend time with Helton than with SW. Cab you imagine that guys friend? He’s like a walking root canal.

    Good for coach O, he serves all his success. Remember when SW used to trash him? Scott hammered PC and all of Pete’s assistants. In his opinion none were any good and Pete couldn’t develop coaches. Funny how he doesn’t remember any of that now.


    1. Yikes, my comment reads like the blogger wrote it. . *Can you imagine being that guy’s friend? *he deserves all of his success.

      I shouldn’t be on my phone and pretending to watch a dance competition

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      1. Nope,
        He deserves all he gets. He’s supposed to be a professional writer, I’m just a dumb fan. Plus he’s such a miserable wanker.

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    2. agree, except hellton ? spend time? Wolf is the lesser of 2 whatevers.
      true about PC and he would not last in pro’s too…but he is not wrong about hellton

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  3. John Robinson was basically fired by hellton,from a position that honored him as a long time SC asst and 2 time head coach ; Marcus Allen was an all American on his teams incl Heisman trophy winner. They both had good relationships with former sc asst and head coach Ed Orgeron. Ed hired John Robinson after hellton dumped him. Any one is better off being as far away from hellton as is possible. SC knows this and current trend is to isolate hellton into a titular role to avoid any further embarrassment w/out appearing to actually do so. I am glad they are being put to good use by Ed, God bless him.

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    1. Greg Katz put it well, Tim: Clay Helton is being given more time to brush up on his halftime comments…..

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  4. Oh boy PAC 12 channel sports. Oh wait my phone app doesn’t work because even though I pay for it on TMobile they cannot figure out how to let us use the app. T mobile and PAC 12 channel two poster children for incompetence.

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